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Directions(Q.1-10): Select the appropriate conjunctions to complete the sentences.

Q1. The Vaal River is one of the major rivers in South Africa but the runoff is not constant which means that large dams have to be built —- store water for use.

1. notwithstanding              2. regardless of                  3. so as to               4. thanks to               5. with the aim of

Q2. Due to —- a lack of production —- increasing housing prices, Liverpool is now ranked as one of the least affordable cities countrywide.

1. neither / nor             2. no sooner / than                  3. scarcely / before               4. both / and               5. hardly / when

Q3. Mike has been told he will have to pay the fine —- his high rank in the military.

1. even if               2. furthermore                  3. on grounds that               4. despite               5. on purpose that

Q4. Some people believe vaccines overload our immune system, making it less able to react to other diseases —- meningitis or AIDS, which are now threatening our health.

1. but for            2. lest                 3. with the aim of               4. whereas               5. such as

Q5. Continued high-blood pressure is dangerous —- it can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

1. however              2. so that                    3. as               4. no matter although               5. for instance

Q6.They like to keep their old houses rather than building the new ones —- it is very hard and expensive to maintain them.

1. because              2. even though                3. on the contrary               4. on account of               5. for example

Q7.The inhabitants of our village claim that pedestrians have no choice but to risk their lives crossing the dangerous road as there is —- a pedestrian bridge —- a crosswalk.

1. not only / but also           2. both / and               3. neither / nor               4. no sooner / than               5. hardly / when

Q8. —- the Oscar Reward, the Cannes Film Festival is the biggest event which takes place in May in the South of France.

1. Except for              2. Such as                 3. Lest                  4. Unless               5. But

Q9. —- vaccination has eliminated naturally occurring polio in North and South America, rare cases continue to occur in developing countries of Africa.

1. However                   2. Although                     3. As a result of                 4. Hence               5. Moreover

Q10. The economy in China is booming; —- many foreign investors are planning to enter China’s market.

1. nonetheless               2. even if                 3. so as to               4. in addition to               5. that’s why



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