Spot the error in the following sentences:

1. If the worst (1)/comes to worst, ( 2)/I will have to bid good-bye to my studies and join my family business. (3) /No error. (4)

2. The interim report does not (1)/ analyse thoroughly the principle causes (2)/of the disaster (3) / No error (4).

3. The items I liked most (1)/were the rosewood carvings (2)/and the teak-wood furnitures of Dutch design (3)/No error. (4)

4. A part of the training (1)/they offered was (2)/real good (3)/No error. (4)

5. The soil was moist as (1)/there was little rain (2)/the day before (3)/No error. (4)

6. The manager wanted to know who had arrived (1)/early that day (2)/the cashier or the accountant (3)/No error. (4)

7. They are a politically important family; (1)/one of his sisters is a minister (2)/ and the other is married with a minister (3)/No error. (4)

8. Supposing that the information (1)/proves to be totally reliable, (2)/should we still have to recast the plans ? (3)/No error. (4)

9. Though its gloss can (1)/fool few unwary customers, (2)/it wouldn’t be difficult for the clever ones to judge its real worth (3)/No error. (4)

10. She pretends as if she has (1)/ never in her life, (2)/told a lie. Isn’t it ? (3)/No error.(4)



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