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Spot the error in the following sentences

1. A city dweller finds it difficult (1)/ to pass away the time (2)/ in a village. (3)/ No error. (4)
2. Visitors (1)/ were not permitted (2)/ entering the park (3)/ after dark. No error (4)
3. The fifth and final act (1)/ of Macbeth contain (2)/ the sleepwalking scene. (3)/ No error. (4)
4. One of the terrorists(1)/of the Kashmir valley(2)/are shot dead.(3)/No Error(4)
5. Ten kilometres (1)/ is (2)/ a long distance to walk. (3)/ No error (4)
6. I saw him (1)/a couple of times (2)/ since May(3). /No error (4)
7. Tea (1)/which I am drinking (2)/ is hot (3). /No error (4)
8. Although the police officer sympathised with poor (1)/ he refused to (2) /take an action against the rich man (3). /No error (4)
9. We were looking forward (1)/ to hear news (2)/about the missing fishermen (3)./ No error (4)
10. The actress (1)/was shocked (2)/by the news of her dog’s death (3). /No error (4)



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