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English Quiz On Fillers Questions Day 5 Bag

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  1. The teacher must __________. The unique style of a learner in order to __________ it to the desired knowledge.

(a)advocate, direct

(b)perpetuate, develop

(c) appreciate, focus3#

(d) absorb, maintain

(e)discover, harness


  1. Not all countries benefit __________ from liberalisation. The benefits tend to __________ first to the advantaged and to those with the right education to be able to benefit from the opportunities presented.

(a)equally, generate#

(b)richly, downgrade

(c)suitably, ascribe

(d) uniformly, percolate

(e) Judiciously facilitate


  1. He has __________ sense of words. Therefore, the sentence he constructs are always __________ with rich meaning.

(a)profound, pregnant#

(b)distinguished, loaded

(c)terrific, tempted

(d)meaningful, full

(e)outstanding, consistent


  1. He was an __________ musician, had been awarded the George Medal during the second world war and __________ with the title of Rai Bahadur.

(a)outstanding, popularise

(b)underestimated, declared

(c)accomplished, honored#

(d)impressive, assigned

(e)obdurate, proclaimed


  1. Whether it be shallow or not, commitment is the __________ the __________ bedrock of any loving relationship.

(a) expression, perfunctory

(b) foundation, genuinely#

(c)manifestation, deep

(d)key, alarmingly

(e)basis, absorbing


  1. Many people take spirituality very seriously and __________ about those who don’t worrying about them and __________ them to believe

(a)think, criticising

(b)pride, appraising

(c)rationalise, enabling

(d)wonder, prodding#

(e)ponder, venturing


  1. Unless new reserves are found soon the worlds supply of coal is being __________ in such a way that with demand continuing to grow at present rates, reserves

will be __________ by the year 2050

(a) consumed, completed

(b) depleted, exhausted#

(c) reduced, argument

(d)burnt, destroyed

(e)utilized, perished


  1. If you are a __________ you tend to respond to stressful situations, in a calm, secure, steady and __________ way.

(a)resilient, rational#

(b)obdurate, manageable

(c)propitious, stable

(d)delectable, . flexible

(e) supportive, positive


  1. Management can be defined as the process of __________ organizational goals by working with and through human and nonhuman resources to __________ improve

value added to the world.

(a) getting, deliberately

(b)managing,. purposefully

(c)targeting,. critically

(d)realizing, dialectically

(e)reaching, continuously#


  1. If you are an introvert, you __________ to prefer working alone and, if possible, will __________. towards projects where you can work by yourself or with as few people as possible.

(a) like, depart

(b) advocate, move

(c)tend, gravitate#

(d) express, attract

(e) feel, follow


  1. The __________ playing of loud music has led the angry residents of this vicinity to file a police complaint and move court against the organisers lack of __________ for the peoples need for a peaceful neighborhood.

(a)peaceful, thought

(b)abrupt, hope

(c)incessant, consideration#

(d)fashionable, friendliness

(e)intermittent, interpretation


  1. The __________ of the chronic balance of payments deficit which has __________ the Finance Ministry under three Prime Ministers is very real.

(a)temptation, reviled

(b)understanding, menaced

(c)impact, underestimated

(d)obligation, blessed

(e)dilemma, plagued#


  1. Britain for the present, is deeply __________ in economic troubles, and the economic future, heavily __________ looks uncertain.

(a)engrossed, responsive

(b)ingrained, skeptical#

(c)saturate, enveloped

(d)mired, mortgaged

(e)restrained, participative


  1. Belief that, the free __________ of ideas, people and cultures is essential to the __________ of a democratic society.

(a)selection, concurrence

(b)interchange, preservation#

(c)reversal, upholding

(d)dissemination, congruence

(e)distinction, design


  1. As this country has become more __________ industrial and inter nationalised, it has like all Western democracies, experienced a necessary increase in the __________ of the executive.

(a)urbanized, role#

(b)objective, wealth

(c)synthesized, efficiency

(d)civilized, convenience

(e)concretized, vision


  1. More is __________. of conditions of the tribal’s in Maharashtra than __________ conditions of those in the other parts of the country.



(c) aware, of




  1. Although __________ is not a very desirable feeling, We need a certain amount of it to __________ well.

(a)anxiety, exist

(b)grief, enjoy#

(c) impatience, preach

(d)anger, define

(e)jealousy, bad


  1. Although he is a__________ person, he occasionally loses his __________

(a) quiet, power

(b)cheerful, grief

(c) balanced, temper#

(d)thoughtful, anxiety

(e)generous, wealthy


  1. In a __________ tone me leaner made a powerful __________to the mob.

(a)realistic, zeal

(b) lower, conviction

(c) loud, argument

(d)soft, appeal#

(e) pitch, statement


  1. The tunnel was so __________ and congested, that we became __________

(a)long, enthusiastic

(b)deep, cautious


(d) crowded, isolated

(e)sharp, worried


  1. __________ the activities of moneylenders could have an adverse impact on those who __________ access to bank credit.

(a)encouraging, enjoying

(b)permitting, denied

(c)confining, entitled

(d)promoting, benefit

(e)curbing, lack# .


  1. The budget announced substantial __________ of to critical sectors like education and healthcare.

(a)expenditure, capital

(b)sanction, initiative

(c)allotment, security

(d)disbursement, investment#

(e)allocation, resources


  1. The government has decided not to make any changes in the country’s tax __________ .

(a)sweeping, regime#

(b)transparent, hike

(c)drastically, net

(d)constitutional, revenue

(e)existing, structure


  1. The RBI has __________ a statement that the implementation of KYC , norms should not lead to the denial of banking __________ to customers.

(a)released, asset

(b)issued, services#

(c)drafted, clearing

(d)made, tariff,

(e)notified transaction


  1. The new scheme __________ all persons with disabilities defined __________ the Disabilities Act.

(a)discriminates, according

(b)recognizes, beneath

(c)profits, within

(d)covers, under#

(e)promises, by


  1. To avoid __________ there is a need for __________ planning of the project.

(a)cancellation, broad

(b)problem, deliberate

(c)pitfalls, systematic

(d)inconvenience, convenient

(e)losses, temporary


  1. A good management will decide not only the __________ for equipment but also its __________ for deciding priorities.

(a)need, urgency

(b)usefulness, utility

(c)cost, value#

(d)requirement, necessities

(e)technology, methodology


  1. __________ appears to be a small error in the beginning may turn out to be a __________ in the long run.

(a)It, disaster

(b)What, blunder#

(c)That, debacle

(d)It, slip

(e)What, incident


  1. Being very__________in nature, he always uses his __________ skills.

(a)adamant, soft

(b)polite, basic

(c)humble, experimental

(d)pushy, persuasive

(e)mild, aggressive#


  1. Demand and supply do not __________ the samerelationship as the one that __________ between height and weight.

(a)possess, has

(b) Incur, is

(c)defend, volunteers

(d)bear, borne#

(e)have, exists


  1. If the system __________ to yield the desired result, try to__________ the whole procedure in the given sequence.

(a)entitles, dump

(b)Ignores, reproduce

(c)fails, reoperate#

(d)Imitates, generate

(e)equips, encompass


  1. He is so __________ in his approach that not a single point ever __________ his attention.

(a) meticulous, escapes#

(b)casual, erodes

(c)fanatic, brings

(d)deliberate, attracts

(e)nasty, coincides


  1. Generally, __________ students __________ those who are mediocre.

(a)humble, surmount

(b)meritorious, surpass

(c)bright, overestimate

(d)intelligent, surrender

(e)studious, respect#


  1. __________ and__________ should not be tolerated In our country which boasts of Ahimsa as its way of life.

(a)Politicking, elections

(b)Dishonor, efficiency

(c)Lethargy, procrastination

(d)Nepotism, selfishness

(e)Hatred, violence#


  1. He __________a wrong act because it was __________ for him to do so due to circumstantial forces.

(a)compelled, necessary

(b)refused, dangerous

(c)did, avoidable

(d)committed, inevitable#

(e)simplified, harmful


  1. Many teachers __________ the lack of professional freedom as the __________ for leaving the job.

(a)cited, reason#

(b)explained, force

(c)claimed, understanding

(d)argued, culprit

(e)believe, ground


  1. Skeptics would not __________ that the earth actually moves, let alone that it __________around the sun.

(a)permit, orbits

(b)accept, revolves#

(c)experience, circles

(d)assume, went

(e)challenge, spins


  1. Unpredictable __________ of the child could not lead the consultants to any __________ .

(a)performance, setting

(b)belief, judgment

(c)operation, purpose

(d)behavior, conclusion#

(e)react, decision


  1. A public servant who is guilty will not __________ punishment and no __________ person will be punished.

(a)be, sincere

(b)flee, guilty

(c)defend, common

(d)avoid, uninformed

(e)escape, innocent#


  1. Few professions can __________ the sheer variety and constant __________ of being a doctor.

(a)like, struggle

(b)share, enthusiast

(c)match, challenge#

(d)draw, workload

(e)justify, exception


  1. The organization __________ to popularize Indian classical music among the youth which has lost __________ with its cultural roots.

(a)endeavors, touch#

(b)wishes, interest

(c)efforts, experience

(d) exerts, intrigue

(e) need, relation


  1. One of the major critiques of the examination system is that it to a spirit of __________ competition among the students.

(a)results, defective

(b)accompanies, adequate

(c)develops, intense

(d)takes, severe

(e)leads, unhealthy#


  1. Auroras are natural light displays in the sky, usually __________ at night, __________ in the Polar regions.

(a) watch, upward

(b)noticed, peculiar

(c)observed, only#

(d)found, most

(e)follows, mainly


  1. After the board examinations, students are __________up for the various entrance examinations __________ for next month .

(a)ready, timed

(b)gearing, scheduled

(c)prepared, programmed

(d)set, duration

(e)geared, kept.#


  1. The governmental __________ spurred dramatic improvements in the way waste management is __________ out in many hospitals.

(a)rule, thrown

(b)plans, conduct

(c)crusade, done

(d) efforts, carried#

(e)venture, disposed


  1. The petitioner had __________ an immediate stay from the court on allotment of the flats till __________ of Investigation into the alleged irregularities.

(a)asked, process

(b)sought, completion#

(c)propagated, finish

(d)demanded, course

(e)granted, end


  1. Modern music doesn’t lend __________ to longevity sometimes it is hard even to remember what the biggest hit from a __________ of years ago was.

(a) itself couple#

(b) much, few

(c)money, some

(d)matter, spatter

(e)substance, variety


  1. Opportunities__________when they are seized and __________ when they are not.

(a)gather, evade

(b)needed, reflect

(c)create, disperse

(d)shout, calm

(e)multiply, die#


  1. At the sound of the bell we are to pause, relax our body and become gently __________ of our in breath and out breath__________ asked, thoughtless

(a)requested, wishful

(b)invited, aware

(c)forced, meaningful#

(d)braced, calm


  1. __________ to listen to the sounds of nature, we find that we pan afterwards carry , on with whatever we were doing in a more __________ and loving way.

(a)Feeling, helpful

(b)Waiting, rough

(c)Dreaming, dramatic

(d)Pausing, attentive.#

(e)Hurting, creative



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