English Quiz On Synonyms and Antonyms Day 21 Bag

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  1. wrath
  2. knot
  3. anger
  4. crime
  5. smoke


  1. wrath means strong, vengeful anger


  1. plethora
  2. trouble
  3. foolish
  4. wealth
  5. love


  1. abundance means an ample quantity, or wealth


  1. calamity
  2. potion
  3. silence
  4. shellfish
  5. disaster


  1. a calamity is an extraordinarily grave event, or disaster


  1. pompous
  2. arrogant
  3. supportive
  4. busy
  5. gaudy


  1. pompous means self-important, or arrogant


  1. prevalent
  2. wind
  3. servile
  4. widespread
  5. rare


  1. prevalent means generally accepted, or widespread


  1. wince
  2. flinch
  3. cheer
  4. crush
  5. solitary


  1. to wince means to shrink back involuntarily, or to flinch


  1. superficial
  2. gorgeous
  3. shallow
  4. intelligent
  5. rich


  1. superficial means to be concerned only with the surface or

appearance, or shallow


  1. tangle
  2. snarl
  3. growl
  4. dance
  5. shiver


  1. a tangle is a twisted, knotted mass, or a snarl


  1. reform
  2. punish
  3. destroy
  4. display
  5. correct


  1. to reform means to change for the better, or to correct


  1. methodical
  2. rhythmic
  3. poetic
  4. systematic
  5. disrespectful


  1. methodical means proceeding according to an order or system,

or systematic


  1. spite
  2. joy
  3. beverage
  4. wonder
  5. malice


  1. spite means petty ill will or hatred, or malice


  1. scale
  2. climb
  3. sail
  4. swim
  5. skate


  1. one meaning of scale is to climb


  1. smudge
  2. gloat
  3. residue
  4. blur
  5. celebrate


  1. a smudge is a blurry spot or streak


  1. drizzle
  2. curly
  3. sprinkle
  4. sear
  5. drench


  1. one meaning of to drizzle is to rain in very small drops, or to



  1. mundane
  2. dirty
  3. commonplace
  4. confused
  5. extraordinary


  1. mundane means ordinary, or commonplace


  1. pretension
  2. stress
  3. ambition
  4. waste
  5. strife


  1. pretension means an effort to establish, or ambition


  1. affect
  2. outcome
  3. share
  4. pompous
  5. cultivate


  1. to affect means to make a display of using or liking something,

or to cultivate


  1. herald
  2. insignia
  3. postpone
  4. hail
  5. regal


  1. to herald means to greet with enthusiasm, or to hail


  1. faculty
  2. defective
  3. school
  4. gift
  5. desire


  1. one meaning of faculty is an ability or gift


  1. mirth
  2. anger
  3. glee
  4. sarcasm
  5. mistrust


  1. mirth means gladness expressed with laughter, or glee


  1. drudgery
  2. silliness
  3. labor
  4. evil
  5. investigation


  1. drudgery means uninspiring or menial labor


  1. prerequisite
  2. necessary
  3. course
  4. difficult
  5. tar


  1. prerequisite means necessary for carrying out a function


  1. dire
  2. questionable
  3. forthright
  4. traitor
  5. urgent


  1. dire means desperately urgent


  1. grapple
  2. struggle
  3. trap
  4. laugh
  5. intend


  1. to grapple means to come to grips with, or to struggle


  1. sundry
  2. aged
  3. supply
  4. various
  5. tremendous


  1. sundry means an indeterminate number, or various





(a) appease (b) exonerate

(c) adore (d) advocate


(b) Exonerate means declared free from blame, to implicate

means to show that someone is involved in something

especially a crime, to appease means to pacify, to adore

means to love deeply and respect highly.



(a) fascinating (b) fanaticism

(c) indolence (d) resolute


(d) Fascinating means charming, fanaticism means

madness, especially in religious or political matters,

indolence means laziness.



(a) modest (b) awkward

(c) celebrated (d) cautious


(d) Modest means humble, awkward means clumsy,

celebrated means distinguished.



(a) humiliation (b) credulity

(c) degradation (d) honour


(b) Credulity



(a) roost (b) forfeit

(c) quit (d) forsake


(a) Roost



(a) angry (b) hate

(c) force (d) respect


(d) offend means not to show proper respect or make

someone angry, so the opposite will be respect.



(a) condemn (b) reprimand

(c) acquit (d) allege


(c) Indict means to charge someone with a crime or

something wrong. Accuse also means the same, acquit

means to free of charge.



(a) decent (b) objectionable

(c) condemnable (d) jealousy


(a) Obscene means indecent, objectionable and

condemnable mean similar to obscene.



(a) imprison (b) enclose

(c) liberal (d) conceal


(a) Liberate is to make someone free and imprison is to

put in prison, conceal is to hide and vacillation is to

move from one place or idea to another.



(a) depressed (b) prejudiced

(c) reckless (d) cheerful


(d) Melancholy means depressed and is therefore opposite

to cheerful.



(a) valid (b) extend

(c) unlawful (d) distinguished


(c) Legitimate means legal or lawful, distinguished means

eminent, and courteous means polite.



(a) amplify (b) stimulate

(c) consistent (d) eradicate


(d) Vacillate means to move from one place to another and

consistent means to stay the same, eradicate means to




(a) expidite (b) protect

(c) devote (d) create


(a) Hinder means to prevent the growth or progress of

something while expedite is to make fast the process

or facilitate. Vindicate means to justify.


  1. TERSE

(a) lengthy (b) scarce

(c) diffuse (d) headless


(a) Terse means brief. Diffuse means spread widely or




(a) finite (b) uniformity

(c) magnitude (d) infinite


(b) Multiplicity is presence of multiple or many identities,

while uniformity means same everywhere, infinite

means endless


  1. NAIVE

(a) subtle (b) energise

(c) spotless (d) clever


(d) Naive means inexperienced, someone who will not be

very sharp or clever owing to lack of experience.



(a) formerly (b) present

(c) futuristic (d) non-existing


(c) Anachronistic is something that belongs to a time gone

by, while futuristic is something that belongs to the

future or suggests how the future would be.’


  1. TRAIT

(a) symbol (b) uncharacteristic

(c) habit (d) identity


(b) Trait means characteristic.



(a) tasteful (b) green

(c) scenic (d) contrasting


(a) Garish means gaudy or in bad taste.



(a) astral (b) solar

(c) galactic (d) heavenly


(d) Geological means belonging to or related to the earth,

while galactic is that which belongs to the galaxy.

Heavenly is belonging to heaven so opposite to

earthly. Heavenly is also called unearthly.



(a) sexual (b) perfect

(c) killing (d) magical


(c) Rejuvenation means rebirth and regeneration or to live




(a) ointment (b) detergent

(c) remnant (d) comfort


(c) Origin means the starting point and remnant is what is

left after finishing or distrubution.



(a) agitated (b) happy

(c) concerned (d) surprised


(c) Apathetic is one who does not care or is indifferent.



(a) set type (b) multi-coloured

(c) different (d) rejected


(c) Homogenised means when every part of the group,

mixture or collection has been made similar or same,

variety means the opposite, i.e difference.


  1. PROVE

(a) vapid (b) assume

(c) disincline (d) atone


(b) Prove means to state that a statement or theory is

correct after giving valid and logical reasons while

assumption is something which is believed without

any proofs or evidence.



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