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Which of the Phrases A, B, C, and D given below each sentence should replace the phrases printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark E. as the answer.

Q1.Most people feel that the most Important reason to recycle is Its impacton future generations.

(a)are their impacts

(b)has an impact

(c)it is impact

(d)have an impact

(e)No correction required

Q2.After we hearthe news of the floods, we immediately decided to join in the relief efforts.

(a) Since we have hear

(b) While we were heard

(c)On hearing

(d)Upon hearing that

(e)No correction required

Q3.With no rain and anyaccess to clean water many farmers will lose their crops.

(a)Without any rain or

(b)Without rain and nor

(c)No raining and no

(d)There is no rain and no

(e)No correction required

Q4.Her goal to win a gold medal and made her country proud.

(a)for making her country proud

(b)made her country’s pride

(c)by making her country proud

(d)make her country proud

(e)No correction required

Q5.Today a kilo of rice is near five timesmore expensive than it was in 2003.

(a)near to five times

(b)nearly five times

(c)nearly by five times

(d)nearing five times

(e)No correction required

Q6.What does make him feelawkward, is only a trivial matter.

(a)does make him to feel

(b)makes him to feel

(c)makes him feel

(d)would make him feeling

(e)No correction required

Q7.This is exactly What he Wanted meto solve the problem.

(a)how he wanted me

(b)what he wants from I

(c)how does he want me

(d)how did he want me

(e)No correction required

Q8.They wanted to know that we could extend the required help.

(a)that can we extend

(b)that we had extended

(c)if could we extend

(d)if we could extend

(e)No correction required

Q9.The Minister said that he Is proud ofthe people of his constituency.

(a)he should be proud of

(b)he was proud of

(c)he had pride for

(d)it is he to be proud of

(e) No correction required

Q10.The mob started pelting stoneson the vehicles which were parked on the street.

(a)started to pelting stones

(b)started stones to be pelted

(c)pelted stories starting

(d)Had started to pelting stones

(e)No correction required





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