Handpicked=> विशेषतौर से पसन्द किया हो

Example : राकेश ने अपने मित्र के लिये”handpicked”भेंट खरीदी

Trump=> पछाड़ देना,

Usage : Saina Nehwal trumps Sun Yu to claim her second Australian Open title.

TRUMP= रंग (pr. {ranag} )(Noun)

Usage : the ace of trumps is a sure winner

Protege=> रक्षित

Usage : Salman Khan doesn’t guide his protege Sooraj Pancholi.

Clout=> प्रभाव

Usage : He used political clout to get his work done.

Wields=> उपयोग करना

Usage : wield power and authority

Helm=>संचालन ,पतवार

Usage : the President is at the helm of the Ship of State

Deferred=> स्थगित

Usage : the action should be deferred for some time.

Elevation=> उन्नति, उत्कर्ष

Usage : an elevation of the temperature in the afternoon

Blurring=>Blur=> धुंधला करना

Usage : The early morning fog blurred our vision.

Blur=> विकृत करना

Usage : Objectional paintings of M.F.Hussain were blurred by the angry citizens.

Appeasing=> शांत करने वाला

Assertions=> दावा

Usage : I seriously think of your assention .

His assertion that the crime was committed during the day is false.

His assertion implied his innocence.



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