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In each of the following questions there are sentences that form a paragraph. There is error in one of the parts. Mark the option which contains parts (A, B, C, D, E) which do not contain error. If no part contains error mark option E as your answer

Q1.A. Independent India had previously experienced
B. armed peasant movements, including the
C. Telangana armed struggle and the Tebhaga
D. movement, but the Naxalbari movements
E. seemed to follow a different trajectory.
A) ABCD             B) BCDE             C) ABCE           D) CDEA               E) All are Correct

Q2.A. Breaking away from the CPI, this faction
B. received almost instant endorsement
C. from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
D. under Mao. This was followed by a few cadres
E. visiting China to receive the benediction of the CCP.
A) ABCD           B) BCDE              C) CDEA             D) DEAB               E) All are Correct

Q3.A. As the movement progressed, it became
B. obvious that the Indian Marxist-Leninist
C. revolutionaries preferred the Ho Chi Minh
D. model to that of Mao. The CPI(ML), hence,
E. consisted both of rural and semi-urban elements.
A) ABCD             B) BCDE             C) CDEA            D) DEAB                E) All are Correct

Q4. A. A high degree of ideological motivation, however,
B. helped the movement to survive despite the
C. several split. The ideological motivation could
D. be sustained through the several hundred revolutionary
E. journals in different languages published during the period.
A) ABCD               B) BCDE               C) ABDE             D) CDEA              E) All are Correct

Q5. A. Members of key committees, and especially
B. the Central Committee, are geographically
C. distributed, thus ensuring a degree of cohesion
D. in the party. The hierarchical organisational
E. structure consists of regional bureaus.
A) ABCD            B) BCDE            C) ABCE              D) CDEA                E)  All are Correct

Q6. A. Considerable potential for Naxalite violence exists
B. in Bihar, pockets in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana,
C. Maharashtra and the tri-junction of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
D. The movement’s leaders are in constant search of new areas
E. to expand their activities and to secure fresh recruits.
A) ABCD            B) BCDE             C) DEAB             D) ABED               E) All are Correct

Q7.A. Violence has not, however, prevented Naxalites from
B. carrying out a few spectacular attacks during this
C. same period. One of the deadliest attacks has taken place
D. in April 2010, involving the massacre of 76
E. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel in Dantewada.
A) ABCD           B) BCDE               C) CDEA                D) ABDE                 E) All are Correct

Q8. A. There has been other serious attacks as well, notwithstanding
B. the overall decline in the tenor of the movement. This year,
C. there have been at least two major attacks.
D. One took place in March this year, leading to the killing
E. of 12 CRPF personnel, members of a road opening party.
A) ABCD          B) BCDE           C) CDEA             D) DEAB            E) All are Correct

Q9. A. They are well-armed and adept
B. in the use of both orthodox and
C. unorthodox weapons. Their skill
D. is often evident in the so-called
E. ‘liberated zones’ in the Naxalite heartland.
A) ABCD             B) BCDE            C) CDEA            D) DEAB             E) All are Correct

Q10.A. The CMC is in direct charge of guerrilla type violent
B. activities of the party. With the change of guard,
C. the ideological content of the movement is bound
D. to decline still further. The link with Naxalbari and
E. the Naxalbari spirit threaten to snap as a result.
A) ABCD              B) BCDE              C) CDEA               D) DEAB              E) All are Correct



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