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Question (1-10): In each of the following sentences, the sentence is divided into four parts and there may or may not be an error in any of those parts. The number of the part with the error is your answer. However, if there is no error, mark (5) or ‘no error’ as your answer.

1. Students should be focused / as any distraction / will interfere in / serious studies by them. No error


2. We have given our best / in the examination, / now everything is in / the laps of god. No error


3. Each of the boys / were given a task / to complete within / the stipulated time. No error


4. Interviews for the post / of probationary officers / in the bank will commence / from next week. No error


5. The old man / asked the student / what country / he belonged to. No error


6. The man / who just entered / the room is / taller than me. No error


7. I am tired / because I have been / studying since 6 o’clock / in the morning. No error


8. As night dawned on the travelers, / they decided to put at / a nearby hotel / till the next morning. No error


9. Jeans were not permitted / in that club and that is why, / they were not allowed to / enter the club. No error


10. All the new furniture was made of wood / and that is why, / it cost more than / what he had estimated. No error


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