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How to write an essay?

Analyse the prompt.

Note exactly what  is asked in the question.

Write down the prompt on the rough page.

Underline the key words in the prompt. Look for words like “explain,” “identify,” “analyze” or “define.”

Break down the prompt into components. If you are to “identify” something and then “analyze” it, then write 1 paragraph identifying what’s requested and a second paragraph analyzing what you identified. is a professional essay writing service which can be helpful for all students who are in search of immediate writing assistance online.

List all of your ideas.

Write short sentence fragments or keywords of all of the facts that you can remember. These should be facts that will support the arguments or statements that you will make in your essay.


Write a thesis statement for the entire essay.

This statement should identify the point that you will make in your essay.

Avoid writing statements about yourself. For instance, don’t write “I think” or “The point I will make today is…”

Make the thesis statement specific.When writing about an interpretation,use neutral language to state your opinion.Write “Jawahar Lal Nehru will always be remembered as a great Indian Prime Minister because he arguably ended the slavery in India.” Avoid writing “Everyone thinks Jawahar Lal Nehru is the best Prime Minister in history.”

Make every paragraph in your essay after carefully considering the thesis statement.


Divide the facts that you listed earlier into 2 to 4 groups.

Note the common characteristics of the points in each group. The common characteristics will become the topic sentences for your body paragraphs.

Discard ideas that don’t support your main points. Adding additional ideas will make your writing unfocused.

Rank each group in order of importance. Start with the least important point in your first body paragraph and conclude with your strongest point in your last body paragraph.


Write the topic sentences for your body paragraphs.

Use 1 or 2 sentences for each supporting point in your paragraphs. Make sure the sentences directly relate to the paragraph’s topic sentence.

State the supporting point. Then, state why the point is important. Never write something down without explaining its significance.


Write the concluding statements for each paragraph.

Restate the argument that you made in your topic sentence.

Create a short introduction for your essay.

For example, use a fact, quote or statistic that relates to your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introduction.

Write a conclusion.The conclusion should restate the thesis statement, briefly summarize the arguments that you made and finish by stating the ultimate point of your essay.


Few points to remember while writing essay:( 35 marks)

Choose the title very carefully in which you are perfectly at home. Never choose a title about which you have only hazy and ambiguous ideas.

  • You must jot down your points or ideas before you start writing the essay.
  • Do not go against the title generally.
  • The introduction should be direct and relevant . Do not beat about the bush and

deviate from the title too much.

  • Avoid your essay with redundant quotations which might can show lack of expression.
  • Do not use stale idioms and clichés too much like ‘leaving no stone unturned’ or Rome was not built in a day’.
  • Put each main idea in to a separate paragraph.
  • You must not give numbers to paragraphs nor is there any need of giving sub-headings.
  • Avoid the use of slang and colloquial terms and try to develop a graceful, dignified and literary style.
  • The essay should be written in a simple language. Sentences should be terse and short.
  • Let the tone of the essay be informative and suggestive.
  • Always remember that the beginning and the ending of an essay are very important, so give them the maximum attention.
  • Never give a categorical or one-sided conclusion. The conclusion should always be balanced one.
  • Write in a beautiful and legible handwriting. A pleasing handwriting is always an asset
  • You must revise your essay after completion to correct the mistakes, if any.


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