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Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

Q1. The draft Bill has __ modified the earlier Bill and suggested various measures to fortify the use of uncontaminated DNA samples for investigation __ and for identifying missing persons.
A) mainly, objectives
B) significantly, targets
C) substantially, purposes
D) abstractly, motives
E) None of these

Q2. The salient features of the recommendations __ the constitution of a statutory body called the DNA __ board and a DNA data bank.
A) include, profiling
B) bar, ignore
C) keep, alineate
D) debar, propel
E) None of these

Q3. The data bank will primarily store DNA profiles received from the __ laboratories and maintain certain __ for various categories of data such as crime scene index.
A) exploded, records
B) counterfeit, catalouge
C) confidential, concord
D) accredited, indices
E) None of these

Q4. The DNA profiles __ be shared with and by foreign governments or government organisations or agencies only for the purposes __ in the Act.
A) will, general
B) shall, enumerated
C) will, specific
D) shall, broad
E) None of these

Q5. With India’s economic growth __ in the last couple of years, the government has been casting about for ways to __ the economy.
A) resolute, arouse
B) alacrity, excite
C) faltering, galvanise
D) certitude, stimulate
E)  None of these

Q6. The government seems to have realised that a simpler, more effective remedy is at hand: __ public sector banks (PSBs) and __ the flow of credit.
A) recapitalising, attrition
B) recapitalising, attenuating
C) recapitalising, alarming
D) recapitalising, enhancing
E) None of these

Q7. To understand the __ of bank recapitalisation, we need a little __ on bank capital.
A) significance, primer
B) moment, defuse
C) triviality, codicil
D) levity, separate
E) None of these

Q8. Some observers __ the __ in credit growth to poor demand.
A) diminish, pace
B) abrogate, prompt
C) absolve,  punctual
D) ascribe, deceleration
E) None of these

Q9. There have certainly been cases of __ and poor __ of credit.
A) delinquency, castigate
B) malfeasance, appraisal
C) misconduct, criticize
D) fault, babble
E) None of these

Q10. Following the global financial crisis of 2007, sectors to which PSBs were __ came to be __ in ways that could not have been entirely foreseen.
A) sheltered, clashed
B) compensated, crashed
C) gaurded, adverted
D) exposed, impacted
E) None of these



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