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1. More is __________. of conditions of the tribal’s in Maharashtra than __________ conditions of those in the other parts of the country.
(c) aware, of

2. Although __________ is not a very desirable feeling, We need a certain amount of it to __________ well.
(a)anxiety, exist
(b)grief, enjoy
(c)impatience, preach
(d)anger, define
(e)jealousy, bad

3. Although he is a__________ person, he occasionally loses his __________
(a) quiet, power
(b)cheerful, grief
(c) balanced, temper
(d)thoughtful, anxiety
(e)generous, wealthy

4. In a __________ tone me leaner made a powerful __________to the mob.
(a)realistic, zeal
(b) lower, conviction
(c) loud, argument
(d)soft, appeal
(e) pitch, statement

5. The tunnel was so __________ and congested, that we became __________
(a)long, enthusiastic
(b)deep, cautious
(d) crowded, isolated
(e)sharp, worried

6. __________the activities of moneylenders could have an adverse impact on those who __________ access to bank credit.
(a)encouraging, enjoying
(b)permitting, denied
(c)confining, entitled
(d)promoting, benefit
(e)curbing, lack .

7. The budget announced substantial __________ of to critical sectors like education and healthcare.
(a)expenditure, capital
(b)sanction, initiative
(c)allotment, security
(d)disbursement, investment
(e)allocation, resources

8. The government has decided not to make any changes in the country’s tax __________.
(a)sweeping, regime
(b)transparent, hike
(c)drastically, net
(d)constitutional, revenue
(e)existing, structure

9. The RBI has __________a statement that the implementation of KYC ,norms should not lead to the denial of banking __________to customers.
(a)released, asset
(b)issued, services
(c)drafted, clearing
(d)made, tariff,
(e)notified transaction

10. The new scheme __________ all persons with disabilities defined __________ the Disabilities Act.
(a)discriminates, according
(b)recognizes, beneath
(c)profits, within
(d)covers, under
(e)promises, by

11. To avoid __________ there is a need for __________ planning of the project.
(a)cancellation, broad
(b)problem, deliberate
(c)pitfalls, systematic
(d)inconvenience, convenient
(e)losses, temporary

12. A good management will decide not only the __________ for equipment but also its __________ for deciding priorities.
(a)need, urgency
(b)usefulness, utility
(c)cost, value
(d)requirement, necessities
(e)technology, methodology

13. __________ appears to be a small error in the beginning may turn out to be a __________in the long run.
(a)It, disaster
(b)What, blunder
(c)That, debacle
(d)It, slip
(e)What, incident

14. Being very__________in nature, he always uses his __________ skills.
(a)adamant, soft
(b)polite, basic
(c)humble, experimental
(d)pushy, persuasive
(e)mild, aggressive

15. Demand and supply do not __________the same relationship as the one that __________ between height and weight.
(a)possess, has
(b) Incur, is
(c)defend, volunteers
(d)bear, borne
(e)have, exists

16. If the system __________to yield the desired result, try to__________ the whole procedure in the given sequence.
(a)entitles, dump
(b)Ignores, reproduce
(c)fails, reoperate
(d)Imitates, generate
(e)equips, encompass




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