Directions (1-10) : In these
questions, sentences are given with
blanks to be filled in with an
appropriate word(s). Four alternatives
are suggested for each question.
Choose the correct alternative out of
the four alternatives.
(SSC Section Officer (Audit)
Exam. Year 1997)

1. The flash of the torch…….a
(1) exposed (2) displayed
(3) disclosed (4) revealed

2. He…….himself a stiff drink
before making his statement to
the police officer.
(1) threw (2) poured
(3) filled (4) sipped

3. It was his…….that led him to
(1) flamboyance
(2) arrogance
(3) extravagance
(4) ebullience

4. Gita was known to be a…….so
nobody entrusted any important
work to her.
(1) joker (2) worker
(3) shocker (4) shirker

5. The statue was so…….that
people stared at it in horror.
(1) grotesque (2) exquisite
(3) beatific (4) cumbersome

6. He was caught red-handed and
could not…….the charges.
(1) refute (2) refuse
(3) rebuke (4) revoke

7. Unhappy about the treatment
meted out to her, Shanti…….
demanded justice.
(1) sumptuously
(2) voraciously
(3) spasmodically
(4) vociferously

8. The police sprayed tear
gas…….on the protesters.
(1) indirectly
(2) intensively
(3) indifferently
(4) indiscriminately

9. We are happy to…….the receipt
of your order No 4071 dated
(1) admit (2) accept
(3) acknowledge (4) respond

10. All jobs are respectable…….of
their nature.
(1) irrelevant
(2) immaterial
(3) irresponsible
(4) irrespective

Solution :-

1. (4) revealed (Verb) : caused to
be seen ; shown
exposed (Verb) : made visible
Here, revealed is the right

2. (2) poured (Verb) : served a
Here, poured is the right usage.

3. (3)extravagance (Noun) : the
habit of spending more money
than you can afford or than is
penury (Noun) : poverty
flamboyance (Noun) :
arrogance (Noun) : overbearing
ebullience (Noun) : the quality
of being full of confidence,
energy and good humour
Here, extravagance is the right

4. (4) shirker (Noun) : a person
who avoids doing something he
should do, especially because he
is too lazy
Here, shirker is the right usage.

5. (1) grotesque (Adj.) : extremely
ugly in a strange way that is
often frightening
exquisite (Adj.) : extremely
beautiful or carefully made
beatific (Adj.) : showing great
joy and peace
cumbersome (Adj.) : large and
Here, grotesque is the right

6. (1) refute (Verb) : to prove that
something is wrong
rebuke (Verb) : to speak in an
angry and critical way
revoke (Verb) : to cancel
something officially so that it
may no longer be valid.
Here, refute is the right usage.

7. (4)vociferously (Adv.) : in a
loud and confident manner
meted out (Phr.V) : gave a
voraciously (Adv.) : in a way
that involves eating or wanting
a large amount of food
spasmodically (Adv.) : not
regularly or continuously
Here, vociferously is the right

8. (4) indiscriminately (Adv.) :
without thinking about the
results of the action, especially
when this causes people to be
Here, indiscriminately is the
right usage.

9. (3) acknowledge (Verb) : to tell
somebody that you have
received something that he sent
to you
accept (Verb) : to take willingly
Here, acknowledge is the right

10. (4) irrespective of (Prep.) :
without considering something
or being influenced by it ;
regardless of
Here, irrespective is the right



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