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Fillers (Fill In The Blanks) Shortcut Tricks Tips

Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips : Fillers Short-Cut Tricks & Tips Question Pdf for Banking, SSC, RRB, FCI, Railway, UPSC, State PCS, Insurance & other Competitive exams. Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips shortcut Tricks Pdf, Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips MCQ, Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips Objective Question & Answer Pdf. “Fillers Short-Cut Tricks & Tips Questions PDF” In this post we are providing you the Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips pdf with detailed solution & Short Tricks. So that you can easily get the logic of question. This Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips Pdf we are Providing is free to download. ” Most Important Fillers Short-Cut Tricks & Tips Question PDF with Answers

Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips Plays a vital role in Exam. In every exam you will get at least 5-10 questions from this topic. So candidates must focus on this topic and download this Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips pdf to get important questions with best solution regarding Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips. We have put all Previous Year Questions of Fill In The Blanks Short-Cut Tricks & Tips that are Asked in various Govt & Private Exam.

English Language section of the SBI PO exam IBPS PO & Other Exams  consists of questions such as reading comprehension, cloze test, para -jumbles, spotting the error and fill in the blanks.Here is a short study-guide to help you crack questions on “fill in the blank“, along with a set of practice questions in the end.

How to Solve ‘Fill in the Blank’ Questions

STEP 1: Read the sentence properly and in the first go try to fill in without looking at the options.

STEP 2: Choose from the options, the option that best fills the blank

STEP 3: Again read the sentence with the chosen option

NOTE: Do ensure that the chosen option helps you read the sentence properly with proper grammar.

STEP 4: Read the sentence one last time to ensure that there are no grammatical errors in the sentence. Also check whether the sentence actually makes sense or not, once you have placed the option you think is correct in place of the blank.

  • In order to master fill in the blanks questions , you need to have a good vocabulary. In order to learn good vocabulary, read newspapers, read magazines, etc.
  • Make sure you read the questions carefully. The questions, at times, give away the clue of the answer. So, if you read the question carefully, there are high chances of coming up with the right answer.
  • Keep a watch at the grammar rules while solving fill in the blanks questions.
  • Use method of elimination to solve those double filler questions. In this approach, you start eliminating options which you feel don’t fit right and finally end up with the correct answer.
  • Make sure that after filling in the blank, the meaning of the sentence is intact. The meaning should not be altered at any cost.

 Points to Remember

  1. “Fill in the blank” questions are frequently asked in all banking exams. To solve such questions, you must have a very good vocabulary. 
  2. It is very important that you read the sentence in the question very carefully. In many cases, clues abou information needed to fill the gap – a person’s name, a date or a fact – can be derived from the meaning of the sentence itself.
  3. You should keep a close watch at grammar clues, for instance, if the article, “an” comes before the blank, then it implies that the answer must begin with a vowel. Such grammatical clues can be of great help in deciding the answers.
  4. You must recognize the logical structure of a sentence and pay attention to what the question requires.
  5. It is necessary that you understand the context of the sentence. While closely reading the sentence and the options given in the question, you must try to determine the tone of the missing word — whether the required word is positive or negative in the meaning it implies
  6. In certain fill in the blank questions, you are required to fill more than one blank. In such cases you should use the method of elimination by simultaneously checking which of the options best satisfies both the entries.
  7. In certain questions your knowledge and understanding of common idioms and phrases in English Language may be tested. Hence, be sure to have a good skill set of such phrases.
  8. Ensure that the meaning of the sentence is intact. Once you have placed the likely option, do check that the sentence gives out a plausible meaning.
  9. In case you are confused between two or more options, you can also apply the hit & trial method – one by one place each of the likely options in place of the missing word in the sentence. The option which credits maximum meaning to the sentence should be the correct answer.
  10. Do not spend a lot of time on one question. If you are unable to spot the correct answer, despite repeated efforts, leave the question and move forward.

Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Fillers

Fillers are again vocabulary based. They test your knowledge and command over language’s vocabulary. Earlier there used to be single or double fillers but now the difficulty level has stepped up for bank and insurance recruitment exams. We will be covering all types of fillers with exercises to ace Fillers.
Take a look at how you can solve fillers to excel these type of questions in  Banking exams.
Every sentence contains hints that will help you select the correct answer. Each of the following strategies will help you decipher those hints, but remember that any given question might require you to use more than one approach:
Here are FIVE important Tips and Tricks to solve New Pattern Fillers :
 a. Yes, you read it right. Before you look at the answer choices, Read the sentence and think of a word that “Fits” the sentence. Get a rough idea of theme and tone of the sentence, understand the context of the sentence and try to fill the missing word without looking at the options.
 b. Now go to options and Choose the word from the options that best replaces the word that you had thought of initially. Ensure that the meaning of the sentence is intact. Once you have placed the likely option, do check that the sentence gives out a plausible meaning.
In certain questions, your knowledge and understanding of vocabulary and common idioms-phrases of English Language may be tested. Hence, be sure to have a good skill set of such phrases. Answer choices that have a meaning opposite to the word that you would like to insert in the blank, eliminate those answer choices.50% options can be eliminated from here. Analyze the tone of the statements-look at the answer choices – and then try to predict an answer. Though you must consider all of the choices before you confirm your answer, even if your predicted answer is among the choices. The difference between the best answer and the second best answer is sometimes very subtle. When you think that you have the correct answer, read the entire sentence to yourself, using your choice(s).
Crestfallen by having done poorly on the CAT, Gaurav Karanwal began to question his abilities. His self-confidence was __________.
(a) appeased
(b) destroyed
(c) placated
(d) elevated
(e) assumed
If somebody is crestfallen (despairing) and has begun to question herself, then his self-confidence would be destroyed. 

By the method of elimination Option A, C, D can be easily eliminated, as they give positive connotation. Option E is irrelevant. Hence, option (b) is the answer.

3.Use grammar clues:

You should keep a close watch at grammar clues, for instance, if the article, “an” comes before the blank, then it implies that the answer must begin with a vowel. Such grammatical clues can be of great help in deciding the answers.

4. Use Connotation:
Each word expresses two things: a definition and a connotation. A connotation is a positive, negative, or neutral feeling that is implied by or associated with a word. Although the context is the part of a sentence that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning, connotation refers to the emotion that is suggested by the word itself. For example, the adjective “thrifty” implies a positive connotation, whereas the adjective “cheap” implies a negative connotation. Both words have similar definitions, but very different connotations.
Using connotations can help you determine the correct answer or at least eliminate a few wrong answers.
Example :
Because of his __________, Rahul’s guests felt very welcome and comfortable staying at his house for the weekend.
(a) animosity
(b) hospitality
(c) determination
(d) wittiness
(e) severity
The sentence has a positive connotation- Rahul’s guests feel welcome and comfortable. In addition, the transition “because” indicates that something that belongs to Rahul has caused his guests to feel welcome and comfortable. “Animosity” and “severity” have a negative connotation and “determination” has a neutral connotation. “Hospitality” and “wittiness” both have positive connotations, but “hospitality” best fits the context of the sentence. Hence, option (b) is the answer.
5. Identify the Indicators
Indicators tell you what is coming up. They indicate that the question setter is now moving to draw a contrast with something stated previously, or support something stated previously.
A. Contrast Indicators
Why do we contrast two things? We contrast two things to point out how they differ. In this type of questions, we look for a word that has the opposite meaning of key word or phrase in the sentence. Following are some of the most common contrast indicators.
Example :
Although the warring parties had settled a number of disputes, past experience made them __________ to express optimism that the talks would be a success.
(a) rash
(b) ambivalent
(c) scornful
(d) overjoyed
(e) reticent
“Although” sets up a contrast between what has occurred—success on some issues—and what can be expected to occur—success for the whole talks. Hence, the parties are reluctant to express optimism. The common word “reluctant” is not offered as an answer-choice, but a synonym—reticent—is. Hence, option (e) is the answer.
B. Support Indicators
Supporting words support or further explain what has already been said. These words often introduce synonyms for words elsewhere in the sentence. Following are some common supporting words:
Neha is an opprobrious and __________ speaker, equally caustic toward friend or foe—a true curmudgeon.
(a) lofty
(b) vituperative
(c) unstinting
(d) retiring
(e) laudatory
“And” in the sentence indicates that the missing adjective is similar in meaning to “opprobrious,” which is very negative. Now, vituperative—the only negative word—means “abusive.” Hence, option (b) is the answer.
C. Cause and Effect Indicators
These words indicate that one thing causes another to occur. Some of the most common cause and effect indicators are:
Example :
Because the House has the votes to override a presidential veto, the President has no choice but to __________.
(a) object
(b) abdicate
(c) abstain
(d) capitulate
(e) compromise
Since the House has the votes to pass the bill or motion, the President would be wise to compromise and make the best of the situation. Hence, option (e) is the answer.
Types Of New Pattern Fillers Questions

Type 1 : Single Sentence Fillers

Direction: Question given below, there is a statement, which consists of two blanks. You have to choose the option which provides the correct set of words that fits both the blanks appropriately and in the same order making them meaningful and grammatically correct.
Q. In keeping with his own ____ in international diplomacy, Churchill proposed a personal meeting of heads of government, but the effort was doomed to failure, as the temper of the times was ____ .
A.ideas – pluralistic
B.predilections – inimical
C.aversions – hostile
D.impulses – amicable
E. attracted-evicted
Explanation: Option(B) is correct
Read the sentence and see whether you can suggest a word of your own for one of the blanks. It sounds as though the meeting was doomed because the temper of the times was unsuitable. This would suggest that either hostile or inimical would be best for the second blank. Then it is unlikely that he would arrange a meeting in keeping with his own aversions; he would do so in keeping with his own inclinations
(pluralistic = including many aspects or cultures; predilections = tendencies, inclinations; inimical = hostile; amicable = friendly; maxims = short expressions of guiding principles; salacious = scandalous)


Type 2 : Two statement fillers

Direction: Question given below, there are two statements, each statement consists of two blanks. You have to choose the option which provides the correct set of words that fits both the blanks in both the statements appropriately and in the same order making them meaningful and grammatically correct.
Q. (1) The six-day war was the last unalloyed military victory for Israel, and the start of a ____________ from existential
wars against Arab states, which it always won, to ______________campaigns against non-state militias which it could never
wipe out.
(2) He sees these dualities as having been maintained through the _____________ by a deliberate and _______________ general
(a) Transition, enervating
(b) Progression, invigorating
(c) Concatenation, exhilarating
(d) Juncture, frivolous
(e) Movement, enfeeble
Explanation: Option(A) is correct
Sol. ‘Transition, enervating’ fits the two blank most appropriately.
Transition means the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
Enervating means make (someone) feel drained of energy or vitality.

Type Multiple Statement Fillers

Direction: In each of the following questions, three statements are given with a missing word in each. You have to fill the blanks of first two statements with the first word of the option and the blank of the third statement with the second word of the option.
Q.(i) In no case did these methods and efforts secure a long-term ______ to poverty.
(ii) Experts recommend using vodka as a cleaning ______ for diamond jewelry.
(iii) For the slower students, the complex _____ will have to be broken down into smaller units
A) direction, situation
B) efficiency, method
C) solution, concept
D) stability, process
E) dreary, exasperate
Explanation: Option(C) is correct
Hope you found the above post useful. Remember to tell us how many answers you got correct and did the above tips and tricks of fillers questions helped you understand and solve the problem easily.
In case, you have any queries, please do share and we would be happy to address the same.

Practice Problems On Fillers

Directions (1-15): The following sentences each contain two blanks, indicating that something has been left out of the sentence. Each answer choice contains one word or a set of words. Select the word or set of words, that, when inserted in the blank(s), best fits the context of the sentence.

Q1. Although some think the terms “bug” and “insect” are __________, the former term actually refers to __________ group of insects.
(a) parallel, an identical
(b) precise, an exact
(c) interchangeable, a particular
(d) exclusive, a separate
(e) similar,concise

S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. The word “although” indicates that the two parts of the sentence contrast with each other: although most people think about the terms “bug” and “insect” one way, something else is actually true about the terms. Option (c) logically completes the sentence, indicating that while most people think the terms are “interchangeable,” the term “bug” actually refers to a “particular” group of insects.

Q2. The novel’s protagonist, a pearl diver, naively expects that the buyers will compete among themselves to pay him the best price for his pearl, but instead, they __________ to __________ him.
(a) venture, reward
(b) pretend, praise
(c) conspire, reimburse
(d) collude, swindle
(e) try, award

S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. The sentence states that the pearl diver expected one kind of behavior from the buyers, but instead, they behaved in a different way. Since the pearl diver expected the buyers to “compete among themselves to pay him the best price,” the correct answer must be two words that make the last clause describe an opposite situation. Option (d) is the best answer: Instead of competing to pay the pearl diver the best price, the buyers colluded (or plotted) to “swindle” him.

Q3. His __________ sense of humour caused more __________ than he must have intended.
(a) debunk, sobriety
(b) wry, confusion
(c) prominent, impudence
(d) incorrigible, paucity
(e) wise, deter

S3. Ans.(b)
Sol. The clue word in this sentence is “caused”. The speaker and some unintended effect on his audience. ‘Wry’ means dry or twisted humor and confusion would certainly be a potential unintended effect from this speaking style. Hopefully, you were able to use the process of elimination on many of these answer choices as the dual words double the chances you will know the meaning of at least one of the words and be able to eliminate the answer choice if it does not fit. The correct answer is the option (b).


Q4. Psychology has slowly evolved into an __________ scientific discipline that now functions ________ with the same privileges and responsibility as other sciences.
(a) independent, autonomously
(b) unusual, alone
(c) uncontrolled, dominantly
(d) inactive, homogeneously
(e) sanction, solely

S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. The sentence contains attributive interpretation of the scientific discipline of the equivalent scientific discipline of pre-modifier modified content, so space should be filled with ‘independent’ as autonomous is independent, therefore, the answer is option (a). Whereas, all other options are incorrect. Hence the answer is the option (a).

Q5. A major goal of the law, to deter potential criminals by punishing wrongdoers, is not served when the penalty is so seldom invoked that it __________ to be a __________ threat.
(a) tends, serious
(b) appears, real
(c) ceases, credible
(d) fails, deceptive
(e) creates, original

S5. Ans.(c)
Sol. According to the sentence, when the penalty is rarely (seldom) executed so that it no longer is a reliable threat, the main goal of the law — by punishing wrongdoers to deter potential offenders would not be guaranteed, therefore, option (c), is correct answer choice. Whereas, option (a), is incorrect, as it is not fitting in the sentence. Similarly, options (b) and (d), are incorrect. Hence the answer is option (c).


Q6. When people are happy, they tend to give __________ interpretations of events they witness: the eye of the beholder is __________ by the emotions of the beholder.
(a) charitable, colored
(b) elaborate, disquieted
(c) vague, sharpened
(d) coherent, confused
(e) reformed, settle

S6. Ans.(a)
Sol. In the sentence, space 1 to be filled with an adjective modifying “For interpretations of events they witness”. So, space is to express happiness. In option (a), charitable is kind-hearted, in option B, disquieted is uneasy. In option (c), vague is unclear and in option (d), coherent is logical. So, with this, option (a), is correct answer choice. Other options are not satisfying the sentence. Hence the answer is the option (a).

Q7. Dependence on foreign sources of heavy metals, though __________, remains __________ for United States foreign policy.
(a) deepening, a challenge
(b) diminishing, a problem
(c) excessive, a dilemma
(d) debilitating, an embarrassment
(e) stocking,  rewarding

S7. Ans.(b)
Sol. The sentence is talking about the dependence on foreign sources of heavy metals. The presence of word though in the sentence indicates the negative tone. Option (a) deepening is not fit for negative word. In the case of option (b), diminishing (means declining) fits in the sentence that despite the dependence on foreign resources is declining, still, it is a problem for United States foreign policy. Option (c) excessive does not fit into the context. In option (d), debilitating (means to weaken something) may fit the 1st blank space, but “an embarrassment”, does not fit into the 2nd blank space. Hence the answer is the option (b).


Q8. The genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda, apart from being mis-described in the most sinister and __________ manner as ‘ethnic cleansing’, were also blamed, in further hand-washing rhetoric, on something dark and interior to __________ and perpetrators alike.
(a) innovative, communicator
(b) enchanting, leaders
(c) disingenuous, victims
(d) exigent, exploiters
(e) concise, parasite

S8. Ans.(c)
Sol. ‘Disingenuous’ = ‘insincere and this best fits the context as the phrase ‘ethnic cleansing’ is marked by apostrophes indicating a misrepresentation. Hence, option (c) is the answer.

Q9. As navigators, calendar makers, and other __________ of the night sky accumulated evidence to the contrary, ancient astronomers were forced to __________ that certain bodies might move in circles about points, which in turn moved in circles about the earth.

(a) scrutinizers, believe
(b) observers, agree
(c) scrutinizers ,suggest
(d) observers, concede
(e) scientists, congest

S9. Ans.(d)
Sol. Option D is the correct choice.  scrutinizers mean to examine closely and minutely, which is not needed here. navigators and calendar makers and other ‘observers’ are the correct choice. ‘concede’ means admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it.


Q10. Every human being, after the first few days of his life, is a product of two factors: on the one hand, there is his __________ endowment; and on the other hand, there is the effect of environment, including __________.
(a) constitutional, weather
(b) congenital, education
(c) personal, climate
(d) genetic, pedagogy
(e) systematic, inheritance

S10. Ans.(d)
Sol. Option D is the correct choice.Endowment means a quality or ability possessed or inherited by someone.Pedagogy- the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.

Q11. Exhaustion of natural resources, destruction of individual initiative by governments control over men’s minds by central __________ of education and propaganda are some of the major evils which appear to be on the increase as a result of the impact of science upon minds suited by __________ to an earlier kind of world.

(a) tenets, fixation
(b) aspects, inhibitions
(c) institutions, inhibitions
(d) organs, tradition
(e) organization, themselves

S11. Ans.(d)
Sol. ‘organs, tradition’ is the correct choice.


Q12. The first round of the contest had the students __________ themselves and __________ about their hobbies.
(a) introducing, talking
(b) sensitizing, sketching
(c) showcasing, planning
(d) acclimatizing, mentioning
(e) analysing, mentioning

S12. Ans.(a)
Sol. Option A is the correct choice. It gives coherent meaning to the sentence.

Q13. The varsity’s poll process for __________ of new candidates has __________ poor response with only ten thousand applications being received till date.
(a) entrusting, seen
(b) registration, evoked
(c) entrance, made
(d) admission made
(e) transformation,take

S13. Ans.(b)
Sol.Option B is the correct choice.’registration’ and ‘evoke’ gives coherent meaning to the statement. Evoke-bring or recall (a feeling, memory, or image) to the conscious mind.


Q14. After the board examinations, students are __________ up for the various entrance examinations __________ for next month.
(a) ready, timed
(b) gearing, scheduled
(c) prepared, programmed
(d) set, duration
(e) leaning, holding

S14. Ans.(b)
Sol. gearing up means to prepare yourself, or to prepare something for an activity or event.’up’ and ‘for’ are the hints. Hence Option B is the correct choice.


Q15. The governmental __________ spurred dramatic improvements in the way waste management is __________ out in many hospitals.
(a) rule, thrown
(b) plans, conduct
(c) crusade, done
(d) efforts, carried
(e) process,progressed

S15. Ans.(d)
Sol. Efforts and carried are the most appropriate options

Direction (1-15): Question given below, there are two statements, each statement consists of a blank. You have to choose the option which provides the correct set of words that fits in the blanks in both the statements appropriately making them meaningful and grammatically correct.


A. The towns and seaports are to be found as a rule at or near the mouths of those rivers which are not barricaded too ____by bars formed of mud or sand.
B. The work of reorganization was _________ carried out, and the gendarmerie school at Salonica, under British supervision, showed excellent results.
(a) revised
(b) nimble
(c) analogy
(d) efficiently

(e) release

S1. Ans.(d)
Sol. Efficiently-in a way that achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
A. My illness and the bad weather _____ to ruin my vacation.
B. In June 2006 he was convicted of belonging to a gang that _____ to commit the crime.
(a) cease
(b) conspired
(c) sanction
(d) appear

(e) real

S2. Ans.(b)
Sol. conspire-to secretly plan with someone to do something that is harmful or illegal; to happen in a way that produces bad or unpleasant results.
A. Some of those officers falsely accused and then absolved played a _______ role in suppressing the July plot.
B. Other small harbors on the lower Patagonian coast are not _____, owing to lack of population.
(a) prominent
(b) precise
(c) think
(d) domination
(e) debunk
S3. Ans.(a)
Sol.  prominent-leading, important, or well-known.
A. The only man left was the former colonel whom my master had confined to camp for his rude and ____ behavior.
B. She’d never grown very big and was a little bow-legged, but she trotted around after him, black and _____ with short smooth ears.
(a) pendant
(b) good
(c) shape
(d) impudent

(e) coherent

S4. Ans.(d)
Sol. impudent-Not showing due respect for another person; impertinent.
Q5. A. She had no affectation; what she said was honest and _____, and she talked good sense.
B. Netanyahu, and even some _____ pundits are bragging about how Israel and America have never been closer.
(a) important
(b) clean
(c) success
(d) engage

(e) ingenuous

S5. Ans.(e)
Sol. ingenuous-(of a person or action) innocent and unsuspecting.
A. The capitalist is really a ____ on the workers.
B. These new companies are ______ feeding off the success of those who spent the last decade establishing the industry.
(a) killer
(b) imperfect
(c) parasite
(d) strongly

(e) believe

S6. Ans.(c)
Sol. parasite- an animal or plant that lives in or on another animal or plant and gets food or protection from it; a person or thing that takes something from someone or something else and does not do anything to earn it or deserve it.
A. He was given the job as a ____ for running a successful leadership bid
B. The compression and density make this a difficult book to read, but it richly ______ the effort.
(a) blessing
(b) reward
(c) help
(d) elaborate

(e) award

S7. Ans.(b)
Sol. reward-a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement.
A. He seemed to be preparing to ____ an increase in public borrowing.
B. Failure to invoke ______ may lead to a loss of management control and unproductive employee behavior.
(a) boost
(b) sanction
(c) flood
(d) fast

(e) furious

S8. Ans.(b)
Sol. sanction-a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.; official permission or approval for an action.
A. But he announced he is shutting down most of his business ventures and will hand over the bulk of their financial reserves to his ______ work.
B. We find that the rich are still opening their slimmer wallets for _______ activity.
(a) reformed
(b) cease
(c) tend
(d) original

(e) charitable

S9. Ans.(e)
Sol. charitable- relating to the assistance of those in need.
A. Too often we make decisions based ____ upon what we see in the magazines.
B. More than half the people we spoke to here rely ___ on benefits.
(a) beyond
(b) active
(c) foster
(d) Solely

(e) venture

S10. Ans.(d)
Sol. solely- not involving anyone or anything else; only.
A. He had a ____impression of rain pounding on the packed earth.
B. The judges determined that the law was too ____ to be fairly enforced.
(a) exasperate
(b) clear
(c) vague
(d) difficult

(e) tenet

S11. Ans.(c)
Sol. vague-of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning.
A. Failure to wrestle teenagers out of bed before a viewing will also ____potential buyers
B. Further police activity may _____ victims from being candid with police and in court for fear of future investigation.
(a) help
(b) support
(c) create
(d) deter

(e) conspire

S12. Ans.(d)
Sol. deter-discourage (someone) from doing something by instilling doubt or fear of the consequences.
A. In our culture, girls are brought up to____ to the needs of others.
B. New York is a pragmatic place, where people _____ to think more about the how than the why.
(a) young
(b) entrust
(c) conduct
(d) incite

(e) tend

S13. Ans.(e)
Sol. tend- regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic.
A. When price becomes so _____ in consumer thinking, the system gets distorted.
B. Britain is on course for stronger growth in the final quarter after a surge in activity in the _____ services sector.
(a) present
(b) precious
(c) rise
(d) dominant

(e) running

S14. Ans.(d)
Sol. dominant-having power and influence over others; a dominant trait or gene.
A. The only difference was this time we didn’t ____ four goals.
B. He had to ___at the end of his term that he had failed to deliver it.
(a) think
(b) concede
(c) revise
(d) appropriate

(e) assure

S15. Ans.(b)
Sol.concede- admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it.

Direction(1-10): In each of the following questions, three statements are given with a missing word in each. You have to fill the blanks of first two statements with the first word of the option and the blank of the third statement with the second word of the option.

Q1. A.The ____ of the economy encourages investment.
B.The job calls for a great deal of emotional _______.
C. Proud people often look down __________ others.
(e) resentment,over

S1. Ans.(c)
Sol. stability-the state of being stable.
To look down upon is defined as to consider someone or something lesser or inferior in some way


Q2. A.The company has done a poor job of ____ its computer network.
B.The people of the town were employed in ________ and improving their new lives.
c.We should involve all our colleagues in __________ important decisions.
(a)solving, causing
(b)dragging, deciding
(c)keeping, trying
(d)maintaining, making
(e)dissolving, talking

S2. Ans.(d)
Sol.maintain- to keep in existence or continuance; preserve; retain

Q3. A.We need to ____this question once and for all.
B.I’m still waiting for my nerves to ___.
C. For such a __________ task, there should be some special task force.
(e) placate,trivial

S3. Ans.(b)
Sol.  settle – to make a final decision about (something); to become quiet or calm


Q4.A.The _____ population is concentrated in or near the large cities.
B.He was treated like a _____, working for minimum wage, missing his family and having to move on from his musical career.
C.His __________ attitude is the root cause of most of his problems.
(c)immigrant , inflexible
(e) emmigrant,flexible

S4. Ans.(c)
Sol.immigrant- a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

Q5. A.There is a labor ____between workers and management.

B.You can ____ your bill if you believe it is inaccurate.
C.If you __________ yourself with the culture of that area, you will be able to enjoy life there.
(b)resolution, add
(e)dispute ,familiarize

S5. Ans.(e)
Sol.dispute- a disagreement or argument; to say or show that (something) may not be true, correct, or legal; familiarize-give (someone) knowledge or understanding of something.

Q6. A.The nurse turned the patient on his side and asked him if he was ______ .
B.They stayed at a _______  distance from the crowd.
C.I do not approve __________ the views expressed by you.
(a)happy, of
(b)safe, for
(c)repeated, trouble
(e) evidence, failed

S6. Ans.(d)
Sol. comfortable-not used before a noun: not having any physically unpleasant feelings: experiencing  physical comfort

Q7. A. We have been ____  to many changes in recent years. 

B.Rising ticket sales bear _____ to the band’s popularity. 
C.When he __________ that his life was in danger he called out for help.
(a) indication, finished
(b)disproof, developed
(c)witnessed ,realized
(d)information, rise
(e) data, declined

S7. Ans.(c)
Sol.witness- show that the band is popular; we have seen many changes in recent years


Q8. A.In both these rites, we seem to have a ______ of ritual, and the parallelism of sacrifice and liberation is clear.
B.He sent the manuscript out for _____ .
C.Our country is committed to __________ peace all over the world.
(a)Captured, shifted
(b) Conceded, vacillated
(c)Relinquished, changed
(d)Duplication, maintaining
(e)Challenged, wanted

S8. Ans.(d)
Sol.duplication-the action or process of duplicating something.

Q9. A.Her ______ to clear her parents’ name allowed her no other focus in life.
B.She showed her ____ by not attending the meeting.
C.That may seem like a _____ point, but it is not universally agreed on.
(a)Decision, solution
(b) resolution,trivial
(c)view, keenly
(d)Taken, stabilized
(e) Average, familiar

S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. resolution- a firm decision to do or not to do something.


Q10. A. His current statements are completely at ____  with his earlier position.
B.There are other sayings in the book that appear to be at ______  with its fundamental thought.
C.The police have not yet made a _____ identification of the victim.
(d)variance, process

S10. Ans.(a)

Sol. variance- an amount of difference or change; the fact or quality of being different, divergent, or inconsistent.

Direction(11-15)  In each of the following sentences, there is a blank space, followed by some choices of words given in options. You have to determine which of these words fits well in all making them meaningful and grammatically correct.If none of these words fit well, mark your answer as none of these.

Q11. A.He changed his mind and ______  the company’s offer.
B.The construction of new houses ______  five percent this year.
C.The company ____ to comment on the scandal.
(e)none of these

S11. Ans.(a)
Sol.decline-(typically of something regarded as good) become smaller, fewer, or less; decrease;  to say no to something in a polite way


Q12. A.The country health agency has _____ one inspector to monitor conditions in nursing homes.
B.Luckily enough I have this ________  flat that is just along from my house that I go to every day.
C.The new tractors use only high-priced _____  accessories.
(e)none of these

S12. Ans.(b)
Sol. dedicated-TO devote wholly and earnestly, as to some person or purpose

Q13. A.He made mistakes, but he was willing to take _____  and responsible enough to take corrective action.
B.We based the age on when the _____  of the mine changed hands and when it was last worked.
C.In almost every sphere of life, the trend is to trade in _____  for access.
(e) none of these

S13. Ans.(c)
Sol.  ownership -the act, state, or right of possessing something.

Q14. A.We know nothing of how _____, or otherwise, any of these tasks were performed.
B.The converse proposition, that persons _____  protected from mosquito bites escape malaria, has been made the subject of several remarkable experiments. is essential to make sure businesses operate ______to maximize profits.
(e)none of these

S14. Ans.(b)
Sol.efficiently-civilization in a way that achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.


Q15. A. When the foreign ____ perished, the old culture once more came to the surface.
B.As _____  and technology advance, people begin to create more than they consume.
C.Modern ______ is a product of industrialization and globalization.
(e)none of these

S15. Ans.(b)
Sol. civilization-the stage of human social development and organization which is considered most advanced; the society, culture, and way of life of a particular area.

Directions(1-15): In these questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Five alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the five.


Q1. She did not tell __________ that she __________ attended the party.

(a) someone….have

(b) no one….has

(c) him….not

(d) anyone….had

(e) none….did

Q2. After carefully __________ the situation, the farmer sympathised __________ the mule. 

(a) scrutinizing….on

(b) assessing….with

(c) observing….through

(d) fighting….by

(e) ignoring….for

Q3. Once there lived a cunning fox who always __________to__________ others with his awful acts.

(a) wished….cheating

(b) desired….betrayed

(c) thought….fooling

(d) tried….deceive

(e) longed….between

Q4. I __________ a friend named Raj who __________ a horse ranch in the city.

(a) has….buys

(b) need….holds

(c) posses….run

(d) have….owns

(e) got…sells

Q5. As night __________ in the heights of the mountains, Ramesh could not __________ anything.

(a) fell….see

(b) darkened….view

(c) rose….advice

(d) dive….perceive

(e) become…get

Q6.Survival of mankind __________ is in danger due to __________ of atomic weapons. 

(a) himself….perpetuation

(b) themselves….regularization

(c) only….provocation

(d) itself….proliferation

(e) self….invention

Q7. What goes into making a marriage work can only be __________ by trial and error and couples are best left to __________ out what works.

(a) discovered….translate

(b) regulated….find

(c) learnt….figure

(d) seen….thrash

(e) saw….assume

Q8. The producer is known to __________ with new stars and fresh talent, and though there have been a few hits and misses, this filmmaker totally __________ for the new bread.

(a) try….demands

(b) experiment….vouches

(c) sign….goes

(d) produce….promises

(e) go….recreates

Q9. The Government stated that it had the __________ right to use as much force as was necessary to regain control of areas __________ by terrorists.

(a) free….marked

(b) practical….left

(c) legitimate….dominated

(d) basic….undertaken

(e) universal….marked

Q10. Obesity and alcohol __________ together to __________ the risk of liver disease in both men and women. 

(a) act….increase

(b) result….aggravate

(c) taken….arrest

(d) put….heighten

(e) fight….increased

Q11. There were screams, chills and thrills __________ at the discotheque the other night as the director along with the producers hosted a part to __________ the success of their latest horror flick.

(a) combined….downplay

(b) alike….mourn

(c) experience….mark

(d) galore….celebrate

(e) plenty….notify

Q12. When you want to digitalise a city __________ with millions, you don’t bet __________ the odds.  

(a) proceeding….into

(b) teeming….against

(c) undergoing….adhere

(d) falling….above

(e) growling….as

Q13. The numbers __________ by the legitimate online music service providers indicate that a growing number of users are __________ to buy music.

(a) morphed….ignoring

(b) labelled….thriving

(c) figured….fantasy

(d) touted….willing

(e) allotted….know

Q14. If India is __________ on protecting its resources, international business appears equally __________ to safeguard its profit. 

(a) dreaded….fragile

(b) stubborn….weak

(c) bent….determined

(d) approaching….settled

(e) known….seen

Q15. Brands __________ decision-simplicity strategies make full use of available information to __________ where consumers are on the path of decision making then direct them to the best-marked offers. 

(a) diluting….divulge

(b) tempting….maintain

(c) imputing….overdrive

(d) pursuing….assess

(e) innovating…..cess


S1. Ans.(d)

Sol. ‘anyone’ and ‘had’ are appropriate for the blanks in this sentence.

S2. Ans.(b)

Sol. ‘sympathised with the mule’ is correct here. Mule here may refer to an offspring of a donkey.

S3. Ans.(d)

Sol. ‘…tried to deceive…’ is correct here. Deceive means deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true.

S4. Ans.(d)

Sol. ‘I have a friend…’ is appropriate.

S5. Ans.(a)

Sol. ‘As night fell in the heights of the mountain’ is correct phrase; it refers to ‘as it grew darker during the night’.

S6. Ans.(d)

Sol. Proliferation- rapid increase in the number or amount of something.

S7. Ans.(c)

Sol. ‘learnt by trial and error’ and ‘figure out what works’ are correct phrases here.

S8. Ans.(b)

Sol. vouches-assert or confirm as a result of one’s own experience the truth or accuracy of (something).

S9. Ans.(c)

Sol. ‘legitimate right to use…’ is the correct phrase here. Legitimate means conforming to the law or to rules.

S10. Ans.(a)

Sol. ‘Obesity and alcohol act together to increase…’ is the correct phrase here.

S11. Ans.(d)

Sol. Galore means in abundance. ‘Celebrate the success’ is appropriate.

S12. Ans.(b)

Sol. ‘bet against the odds’ is the correct phrase here.

S13. Ans.(d)

Sol. ‘touted’ and ‘willing’ are the correct answers for these blanks.

S14. Ans.(c)

Sol. ‘bent on’ refers to ‘keen on’.

S15. Ans.(d)

Sol. Assess means evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of.


Directions: In each of the following questions a passage is given in which there is a blank. Choose the most logical and appropriate option from the five options given that can be filled in the blank.

  1. The small, 20-basis point increase in Indian households’ allocation to financial savings has been widely celebrated in the last two years as a structural shift. Such celebration, however, may have been premature going by the findings of an expert committee on household finances commissioned by the RBI. The committee, chaired by Tarun Ramadorai, unearths deep-rooted cultural and structural causes for ………and sit on unproductive physical assets. The findings call for a reboot in the current policy approach towards savings and investment products.
    A) very few Indians are investing towards retirement,
    B) why Indian households across the spectrum avoid financial products
    C) these recommendations are eminently sensible, their implementation is unlikely to prove easy
    D) why Indians find financial products daunting
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option B
    Explanation: A- retirement plans are not discussed
    C- Committee is finding some causes and is not keen on giving recommendations

    D- Passage does not talk about “INDIANS” it specifies “Indian households’ allocation”
  2. Rail mishaps are not an uncommon occurrence in India, but rarely does one see heads roll at the very top. After the August 19 mishap when the Puri-Haridwar Utkal Express derailed near Muzaffarnagar and killed over 20 people, the Railway Board chairman and member (engineering) were sent packing. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has offered to resign, but the Prime Minister has asked him to wait rather than reject his offer outright — ………….
    A) a moot point whether replacing Prabhu will improve matters
    B) an indication that the latter is not pleased with the functioning of the railways
    C) a persistent shortage of loco pilots, with nearly 19,000 vacancies
    D) a shift to LHB coaches that do not pile up on top of each other in the event of derailment should be expedited
    E) None of these

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      Option B
    Explanation: Since sentence is talking about The Supremo’s decision so B suits best.
  3. It isn’t often that we’re given the privilege of watching history unfold before our eyes. But the privacy judgement handed down by a nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court is ……….. And it’s safe to say that the learned judges have in five separate judgments come down on the side of the angels by unanimously declaring that privacy is a fundamental right protected by Article 21 and Part III of the Constitution. To make their position crystal clear, the judges also did a considerable amount of judicial cleaning up and specifically overruled earlier judgments like MP Sharma and Kharak Singh to the extent they held that privacy was not a fundamental right.
    A) that privacy was a concept foreign to India and one enjoyed only by the more affluent classes
    B) that the poor need no civil and political rights and are concerned only with economic well-being
    C) that privacy is a concept that cannot be defined
    D) one that will be scrutinised and interpreted for decades.
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option D
    Explanation: A– The sentence “declaring that privacy is a fundamental right” discards option A

    B – Right of privacy is under limelght. Nothing has been said about the poor.
  4. The Supreme Court has once again stepped in where successive legislatures have failed to tread. On critical counts of ensuring relief to the individual concerned while also protecting a woman’s right and legitimacy as an equal citizen, the apex court’s judgment holding instant and irrevocable talaq unconstitutional has rightfully been hailed as historic. Although the Court had, in Shamim Ara versus State of UP, already invalidated triple talaq in 2002, the majority judgment in the latest case takes a significant step forward by underlining ……….under Article 25 (freedom of religion) of the Constitution. The triumvirate of judges who prevailed over Chief Justice JS Khehar and Justice S Abdul Naseer asserted that since the 1937 Sharia Application Act mentions the word talaq, it was no longer a personal law to escape the scope of the fundamental rights
    A) which had also been challenged through the PIL
    B) that the legislature missed the opportunity to address
    C) that this utterly unjust practice is not protected
    D) unearths deep-rooted cultural and structural causes
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option C
    Since article 25 says about freedom of religion and  the apex court’s earlier verdict  of holding irrevocable talaq “unconstitutional”, makes option C valid.
  5. More than ten days after over 70 children having died at the Baba Raghav Das Memorial Hospital in Gorakhpur, it is still not clear what caused the colossal loss of lives. The paucity of oxygen cylinders, which led to 30 children dying on August 10 and 11 according to official reports, seems to have been the immediate factor. The run-up of events leading to this situation needs to be established by an independent inquiry and the guilty punished. This points to a systems failure in the hospital, which is incidentally a major healthcare provider for about 15 districts in Uttar Pradesh, besides people from neighbouring Nepal. In the last one week, the supposed role of Japanese encephalitis has come into the picture, even as it became evident ……
    A) that there are only 25 medical colleges, public and private
    B) that children were succumbing to a range of ailments.
    C) that over-reliance on the private sector can be misplaced
    D) healthcare requires attention in terms of funds and quality of personnel
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option B

    Passage talks about “cause of colossal loss of life” hence, D cannot be fitted in. 
  6. Bitcoin, the world’s most popular virtual currency that was first mined in 2008, can no longer be ignored as just another passing geek fad. The market capitalisation of bitcoins currently stands at $67 billion and daily traded volumes crossed $2 billion last week. The RBI has so far adopted a conservative approach in dealing with virtual currencies, cautioning investors about the risks in 2013 and recently releasing a statement saying that …….. and that anyone dealing in these currencies are doing so at their own risk.
    A) bitcoin transaction is recorded and verified in open ledgers called block-chains
    B) the sharp increase in recent months is a case in point
    C) the bitcoin exchanges in the country are operating without the central bank’s permission the bitcoin exchanges in the country are operating without the central bank’s permission
    D) the purview of SEBI with the stock market regulator framing rules for registering exchanges
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option C
  7. There’s an air of resignation overhanging the highly charged world of American politics and we’re not just talking about the steady exodus from the White House. President Donald Trump’s legions of enemies concede that despite his wild statements and unpredictable actions, he’s got over three years to go and he’s also still able to strike an unexpected chord with many US voters. Last week, when Trump refused to condemn neo-Nazis outright and also lost his key right-hand man Steve Bannon, ……… — not for the first time — that it was Trump’s worst week yet.
    A) that hands down weighty judgments has put Trump on its cover
    B) his enemies collectively clutched their heads and declared
    C) where we’re facing the Chinese, there’s a growing sense that we may be on our own
    D) we may have to proceed all the more carefully in the days ahead
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option B
  8. For long, Indian investors have believed that widely held institutionally-owned companies are better governed and less vulnerable to pulls and pushes from promoters than family-owned businesses. But this has been conclusively disproved by the unsavoury turn of events at Infosys, once the poster-child for corporate governance. On Friday, Infosys’ CEO Vishal Sikka tendered his resignation, stating that “baseless personal attacks” and a “continuous drumbeat of distractions” ………..
    A) has countered these allegations and demonstrated that it followed due processes
    B) had the necessary approvals from shareholders and the board
    C) have had complaints with Infosys’ management
    D) had made it difficult for him to focus on his job
    E) None of these

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      Option D
  9. After shrinking to an eight-year low in FY17, India’s bullion import bill is showing signs of bloating again. Latest data from the commerce ministry indicate that gold imports in the first four months of this fiscal, at $13.35 billion, doubled in value from the year-ago period. This contributed to a threefold expansion in the merchandise trade deficit to $34 billion. Given that ……
    A) imports on this count have begun to normalise
    B) gold imports spiked in July as some sections of trade exploited a tariff loophole
    C) gold imports have been a wild card factor in trade imbalances
    D) the Centre should urgently consider measures such as a safeguard duty
    E) None of these

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      Option C
    Explanation: D- is an incomplete sentence hence discarded.
  10. Unlike most other industries, automakers were an ecstatic lot last month when the GST was rolled out. Strangely enough, the new tariff structures put in place by the GST Council ended up lowering the effective tax rates on large cars and SUVs, from 50-55 per cent to 43 per cent. This was on account of the Council fixing the cess component on these vehicles at 15 per cent, on a 28-per cent basic GST. This ran counter to the popular view, reiterated by the Courts, that car buyers must be actively dis-incentivised from acquiring large diesel-guzzling vehicles. But it turns out that this celebration was premature. …… last week, the GST Council has pegged the cess for large cars and SUVs at 25 per cent, taking their effective GST rate to 53 per cent.
    A) clearing up stocks
    B) repricing of the carried forward inventory
    C) pinning its hopes on Make in India
    D) Tweaking the cess component again
    E) None of these

    Spoiler title
    Option D

Directions: In each question a sentence is given followed by a blank. Each blank is followed by three options and you have determine which option can be used in place of blank to give a meaningful sentence and mark it as your answer.

  1. The unprecedented outbreak of violence and arson that followed the conviction by a CBI court of the Dera Sacha Sauda’s maverick chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh leads to….
    i.death of 30 people
    ii.imposition of curfew
    iii. Injury of 250 people
    A) Only i
    B) Only ii
    C) Both i and ii
    D) Both ii and iii
    E) All of these

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      Option E
    As the statement says that ‘there is unprecedented violence and arson” hence death, injury and curfew is an obvious issue.
  2. After an anonymous letter was sent by a Dera ‘sadhvi’ in 2002 to Prime Minister AB Vajpayee, the district court in Sirsa tried but ….
    i. to get evidence against the accused
    ii. the Haryana CM fiddled while Panchkula burned.
    iii. failed as the terrorised victims refused to speak out.
    A) Only i
    B) only ii
    C) Both i and ii
    D) Both ii and iii
    E) Both i and iii

    View Answer
      Option A
    As the statement ends with “but” so it must follow a contradictory statement.
  3. Not having a consensus is welcome but having a hidden agenda will lead to ……
    i. data availability and methodological robustness.
    ii. decisions that will weaken institutions and the policy framework.
    iii. long term implications for growth.
    A) Only i
    B) Both i and ii
    C) Both ii and iii
    D) Only ii
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option C
  4. People often wonder if machines can take over the stock markets with algorithmic trading why not accounting? But then, these algorithms….
    i. run on standardised data sets of stock prices, interest rates, unemployment rates etc.
    ii. run on equations built on historical data and linked to variables available in homogeneous forms.
    iii. dominate the auditing profession.
    A) Only i
    B) Only ii
    C) Both ii and iii
    D) Only iii
    E) All of these

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      Option E
  5. But over-enthusiastic taxpayers end up submitting the forms without doing a cross-check because they are not sure when the portal will go kaput. If there is anything that accountants have learned from the first GST filing, it is ………
    i. to ensure that the ‘submit’ button is clicked only after a comprehensive audit of everything
    ii. to the amount in the liability ledger to avoid penalty
    iii. to cough up an additional amount of ₹22.27 lakhs in tax.
    A) Only ii
    B) All except i
    C) Both ii and iii
    D) Only iii
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option B
  6. In modern cricket, mystery spinners need to be able to…
    i. beat both the batsmen and the coaches armed with their computers
    ii. to develop ‘mystery’ deliveries
    iii. to get back to the roots of their craft
    A) Only i
    B) All except iii
    C) Both i and ii
    D) All except ii
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option D
  7. The reason why jobs are top of mind for those who are running the government… not hard to fathom
    ii. chided india incorporations
    iii. is the lack of market strategy
    A) Only i
    B) Only ii
    C) Only iii
    D) Both i and ii
    E) both ii and iii

    View Answer
      Option D
    Explanation: “job concern” is not related with “market strategy”
  8. Whatever critical paradigm we use to discuss and analyze it, literature is important to us because…
    i. it speaks to us
    ii. it is universal
    iii.  it affects us on a deeply personal level
    A) Only i
    B) Only ii
    C) Only iii
    D) All  of these
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option D

  9. Online stores typically enable shoppers to use “search” features to find specific models, brands or items. Online customers must have ….
    i. access to the Internet and a valid method of payment in order to complete a transaction
    ii. to the customer; for digital products, such as digital audio files of songs or software
    iii. to enable businesses to buy from another businesses
    A) All except i
    B) Both i and ii
    C) All except ii
    D) Both ii and iii
    E) None of these

    View Answer
      Option E
    Explanation: Only i is the right answer
  10. Cosmetics are substances or products used to enhance or alter the appearance or fragrance of the body. Many cosmetics are…
    i.designed for use of applying to the face and hair
    ii. generally mixtures of chemical compounds
    iii. applied to the face to enhance its appearance
    A) only i
    B) only ii
    C) Both i and ii
    D) All of these
    E) None of these

    View Answer
    Option D
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