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Q1-Amazon river flows through which country?

Ans: South America

Q2-Konark temple was made by which king?
Ans: Narasimhadeva I

Q3-India shares maximum borderline with which country?
Ans: Bangladesh

Q4-Forest Research Institute of India is in which state?
Ans: Dehradun in Uttarakhand

Q5-Similar types of cells form?

Q6-Question related to Types of plant tissues.

Q7- Who is the Author of the book ‘Numbers do lie’?
Ans: Aakash Chopra

Q8-Who is the Executive head of INDIA?
Ans: The President

Q9-What Constitutes the Parliament?
Ans:The President and the Two houses

Q10-Din Dayal Scheme is implemented in which state?

Q11-First Governor General of Bengal?
Ans:Warren Hastings

Q12-Property of electromagnetic waves?

Q13-Miss Universe 2016
Ans:Iris Mittenaere

Q14-UN Secretary General
Ans:António Guterres

Q15-Who discovered bacteria?
Ans:Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Q16-Disguised unemployment meaning?

Q17. Which state has Longest Coastline ?



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