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Q1. Why enough rain in Eastern and the Western Ghats but not in Deccan plateau?

Q2. What is the SI unit of power?
Q3. What is Quicklime formula?
Q4. Where BRICS 2017 will be held?
Q5. Who is the Author of the book the windfall?
Q6. Which of the tax affects the poor directly?
Q7. Which article is the heart and soul of Indian Constitution?
Q8. With Which country India has tied up for infrastructure development(power deal) in the Himalayan region?
Q9. One question was asked related to Serena Williams?
Q10. One question related to “Special majority in parliament” ?
Q11. In which cell hydrogen and oxygen are Combined to form energy?
Q12. Which of the following is not the name of Coal?
Q13. Match the following with battle and year. (like Battle of Plassey, Battle of Buxar etc.)
Q14. Plant stem mainly consists of ?
Q15. One question was asked from 5 year plan ?
16. After which act East India Company lost monopoly of trading ?
Q17. One Question related to ‘lifetime achievement award 2017’?
Q18. Which state organized Yoga in 2017?
Q19. Who developed polio vaccine?
Q20. What is the name of World’s first Super Computer ?


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