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Q1. Which movie got Oscar 2017 award?
Ans. Moonlight
Q2. Who invented colour photography?
Ans. James Clerk Maxwell
Q3. Total land boundary of India in kms?
Ans. 15,200 km
Q3. Patkai range part of which mountain?
Q4. Which river connects India and Pakistan?
Q5. Britishers forced the farmers of Punjab to grow which crop?
Q6. Right to Constitutional remedy comes under which article?
Ans. Article 32
Q7. Jama Masjid was built by whom?
Ans.Shah Jahan
Q8. Which dynasty lived in Red Fort?
Ans. Mughal dynasty
Q9. Which country host 2014 FIFA world cup?
Ans. Brazil
Q10. Constituent Assembly formed in which year?
Ans. 1946
Q11. Which acid present in ant sting?
Ans. Formic Acid
Q12. Who is the father of modern computer?
Q13. Push & Pull of object in science is called_______.
Ans. Force
Q14. Which Pradhan Mantri Yojna related to cleanliness of Children?
Q15. Which hydroxide is present in soap? 
Ans. Sodium Hydroxide
Q16. Red Blood cells formed in which bone marrow? 
Ans. Red Bone Marrow
Q17. Which company purchased LinkedIn for 26.2 Billion Dollar? 
Ans. Microsoft
Q18. One question from economics-graph
Q19. Definition of pollution was given. Mark the Pollution from the options.
Q20. One question based on phylum chordata features. Select the wrong one from the options.
Q21. Which king made Delhi as his capital in 16th century?
Q22. One question related to xylem


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