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  1. Which movie won 62 Filmfare award?
  2. Which country won 2015 Rugby Championship?
  3. Who invented Electric Tram?
  4. Which of these has centrally planned economy?
    i) India                               ii) US                               iii) Britain                         iv) Japan
  5. 1 Qs related to Chemical reaction of Sodium Hydroxide.
  6. When any metal reacts with NaOH, then what is the product?
  7. If nutrients increase in water then which algae is formed?
  8. Time taken by Pendulum to cover one round is known as?
  9. Painting become famous during the period of which Mughal Emperor?
  10. One Qs from Economy related to input & output.
  11. When someone directly approach supreme court instead of High court then which jurisdiction applied?
  12. What is the another name of platelets?
  13. In 1912 Mangol invade on which region?
  14. Match the following – Book with their author name
  15. What is the outermost layer of xylem?
  16. Dihang River flows from which region of Himalaya?
  17. Which yojana has been introduced by Government for Soil card?
  18. British forced plantation of tea in which place? – Bangal
  19. Stem has endarch or exarch arrangement?
  20. Teach text feature available in which OS?
  21. Name the bus between India & Pakistan?


Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Data Interpretation – Tabular Graph
  2.  x = -3, then find the mirror image of (5, 2 )with respect to x.
  3. The 3 coordinates of x, y, z were given. You have to find the centroid?
  4. SI = 1500 and CI = 1575 for 2 years. Find the rate of interest?
  5. The area of four walls of a cuboid is 448 sq metre. If the length and height is 18 m and 8 m Find its breadth?
  6. Find the average of the numbers between 11 and 79 which are divisible by 6?
  7. ABC is a triangle. D and E are points on AB and BC such that AD : DC = 2:5. The area of triangle ADE is 8 sq. units. Find the ratio of area of triangle ADE and quadrilateral BDEC?
  8. Four times a fraction and 6 times it’s reciprocal sum is equal to 11. Then find the fraction?
  9. If an article is brought at 10 % of discount cost Rs 4500. Then find the the cost of article after 27.5% discount.
  10. a^3 + b^3 = 19 & ab = 6. Then find a+b?


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