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Q1. Who was not the winner of Noble prize 2016 in Chemistry?

Q2. Rugby tournament 2015-16 held in which country?

Q3. match the following: (book & Author’s Name)

Q4. Access to shops malls comes under which fundamental right?
Answer: – Right to Equality

Q5. When did AIADMK established?

Q6. Which Acid present in grapes?

Q7. Who built Nalanda University?

Q8. What is the length of Vocal cord of women?

Q9. If v=u+at , what is u in this equation, 
Ans. Initial velocity

Q10. Uranus is discovered by?

Q11. india is…. largest country according to Area?
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 7
(d) 9

Q12. What is the full form of HTML?

Q13. Namak Satyagrah completed in How many days?

Q14. Which state’s boundary don’t touch China?

Q15. One question related to artificial silk?

Q16. By how much World’s temperature has increased in one decade?
(a) 0.6
(b) 1.6 
(c) 2.6
(d) 3.6

Q17. Flatworm belong to which phylum?

Q18. When market demand is less and supply is high is called______?

Q19. Which country is top source of FDI in India? 
Answer: Mauritius

Q20. Which scheme is for the weaker section of the society financially?
Answer:- Jan Dhan Yojana

Q21. One question related to male reproductive organs?



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