General Awareness Questions 19th August Shift-3 SSC CGL 2017

Q1. When magnesium is burnt what does it make in the air?

Q2. Which country canceled 457 visas in April?

Q3. What is the SI unit of acceleration?

Q4. Who discovered the proton?

Q5. One Govt Scheme related question was asked. (Rural livelihood)

Q6. What happens when force is applied to the motion?

Q7.Name the place where rivers make a sudden twist in plains?

Q8. Where is SAARC Agriculture Headquarters- Dhaka

Q9. The quantity of total output produced per unit of a variable input, – average output

Q10. Which gas is released in fire extinguisher? carbon dioxide

Q11. Sultan Mahmud is the ruler of which country? Ghazni

Q12. Grammy award 2016 for which song?

Q13.  Football cup won by?

Q14. No of rajya sabha seats of maharastra – 19

Q15. One question was asked on MS Excel?

Q16. Who was the architect of Gol Gumbaz?

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