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Q1. 2014 FIFA final between?

Q2. one question related to river Ganga clean project.

Q3. The female part of plant is called?

Q4. When there is few sellers and products are distinct what is that situation called?

Q5. who discovered Antarctica?

Q6. 61st Filmfare best movie award?

Q7.In an adult male how much rbc blood contains?

Q8. which paintings are called in the school of Mewar in the school of Rajasthan?

Q9. which country does not accept visa?

Q10.zinc on iron is called the process of?

Q11.The emperor who sat on the throne at the age of 13?

Q12. which is correct option
my country my life –LK Advani 
Wings of Fire – Shashi Kapoor the novel Shashi Tharoor.
subash chandra bose biography

Q13.Image formed by plain mirror.

Q14.Article related to Untouchanbility

Q15.Question related to magnetic force.

Q16.One question on u and v curve

Q17.Who discovered Antarctica?

Q18.Soil formation most effected by which factor:



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