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Q1.Charminar was built by?
Ans:Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah

Q2.Animal tolerate wide range temperature? 
Ans. Eurythermal

Q3.Species names are written in? 
Ans. Latin

Q4.Prevention of cruelty come in which list? 
Ans. Concurrent

Q5. Mughal prince Salim was also known as? 
Ans Jahangir

Q6. Which law states that Incident, reflected and normal lie on same surface?
Ans:Law of reflection.

Q7.Which body makes laws? 

Q8. Which chemical used in match-stick? 
Ans. Phosphorus

Q9. Bangla border situated in which state? 

Q10. Chemical formula of blue vitriol? 
Ans. CuSO₄

Q11. One questionn form books and author (match the following)? 

Q12. When demand increases with income? 
Ans. Normal goods

Q13. Higher Citizen Galantry 2016 award comes in which category?
Ans. Ashok chakra

Q14. Velcro discovered by? 
Ans. George mestrel

Q15. Process of breaking of rocks known as? 
Ans. Weathering

Q16. What reduces efficiency of machine? 
Ans. Friction

Q17. Where will be FIFA 2018 world cup held?
Ans. Russia

Q18. Which yojana connects states and districts? 
Ans. Ek bharat shrestha bharat

Q19. Rhodophyta which color algae? 
Ans. Red algae

Q20. One biology ques scientific names

Q21. Who made union & concurrent list?

Q22.What kind of goods consumption decreases with increase in income-
Ans: Inferior goods



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