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Q1. Name of the Book written by Sachin?
Ans:Playing It My Way
Q2. What is the SI unit of intensity of sound?
Ans: decibel
Q3. Match the following: Brahma Samaj, Arya Samaj, Veda Samaj etc.
Ans: Brahmo Samaj – Raja Ram mohan Roy
Arya Samaj – Dayananda Saraswati
Veda Samaj – K. Sridharalu Naidu
Q4. Blue revolution, Golden revolution, and Yellow revolution related question.
Ans: Blue revolution- Fish Production
Golden revolution – Fruits/Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production
Yellow revolution – Oil Seeds production
Q5. One question related to famous Indian Vocalist.
Q6. Recently India signed Third protocol of double taxation with which country?
Ans:India and Singapore Sign a Third Protocol for Amending the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)
Q7. What is India’s national water animal?
(Tortoise, Dolphin, Crocodile, and Alligator)
Q8. One question related to countries and their currencies. (Bhutan, Malaysia, etc.)
Q9. What is an exothermic reaction?
Ans: Chemical Reaction in which  energy is released.
Q10. Which Major element in Brass?

Q11. Alveoli are related to which biological system?
(Digestive system, Excretory system, Respiratory system and Reproductive system)
Ans:Respiratory system
Q12. What is the full form of FTP in Computer?
Ans:The File Transfer Protocol
Q13. Which of the following is not the fundamental duty?
Q14. Which of the following fundamental rights has recently been converted into legal rights?
Ans:Right to property


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