General Awareness Questions SSC CGL Tier-1 | 10th August-Shift-1

Q1. Which of the following is not a plant hormone?

Q2. Nephrons are part of which system?

Q3. Which of the following mughal emperor was illiterate?

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Q4.  What is the Loss of electron oxidation is called?
Ans: Oxidation

Q5. Match the following- liberalisation globalisation and privatisation.

Q6. Jan 2017 TPP exit country?

Q7. Anions are formed due to?
Ans: gain of one or more electrons.

Q8. What is the product of Mass velocity called?

Q9. Who appoints the Governor of state?
Ans:The President

Q10. How many bits in IP Address?

Q11. Question related to temples and corresponding countries?
Srilanka: padmanabhaswamy temple

Q.12 who invented World wide web?
Ans:Tim Berners-Lee

Q13. What causes Acid rains?
Ans:sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide

Q14. Who wrote Rekha’s Biography?
Ans:Yasser Usman

Q15.One question related to Balance of Payment?

Q16. What is the SI unit of current?

Q17.Strait of Malacca is between which two countries?
Ans:Indonesia and Malaysia

Q18.B. Sai Praneeth is related to which sport?
Ans: badminton

Q19.The latitudes that passes through sikkim also pass through?

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