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Q1. Who received Sanjay chopra award?

Q2. Who is the Author of ‘My story’ book?

Q3.What is Insulin ?

Q4. What is the Full form of jpeg?

Q5.Question on microeconomics?

Q6.Madhuri Dixit associated with which dance form?

Q7. Question related to bhopal gas tragedy ?

Q8. One question related to lord cornwallis.

Q9.49th parallel is the boundary line of?

Q10. What is the Min. age for governor of a State?

Q11. The term ‘ Gambit ‘ is associated with which Sport?

Q12. Match the following
Thomson, Curie : electron, penicillin etc.

Q13. Cryolite is the ore of?

Q14. Red plus green equals to?

Q15.Cinnamon is obtained from ?

Q16. Who was the Successor of Har Gobind Guru ?



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