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General Guidelines About Cisco 300-435 Exam: Details, Objectives, Practice Tests

Despite the fact that Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO was introduced just the other day and was not even launched, it is already a very popular exam among the IT professionals and in the IT industry. The certification test is titled Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions, and it is associated with one of the most powerful credentials that an IT expert can add to his/her resume. In case you are considering the CCNP Enterprise certificate and are eagerly waiting for it to go live so that you can start pursuing it, then you should definitely know what Cisco 300-435 is all about. This article breaks down this exam into its main topic areas. But first, it’s important to mention which other testsfall into the same category asthe 300-345 exam.


There are six exams in the 300 series. They are the Technology Concentration ones. When you are pursuing the Exam-Labs ENAUTO dumps, you are required to pass the Core test – Cisco 350-401, and any exam from the list of the six Technology Concentration ones. Here they are in no specific order:

  1. 300-435 ENAUTO, also known as AutomatingCisco Enterprise Solutions;
  2. 300-410 ENARSI, titled Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing & Services;
  3. 300-430 ENWLSI,calledImplementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks;
  4. 300-425 ENWLSD, also known as Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks;
  5. 300-420 ENSLD, titled Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks;
  6. 300-415 ENSDWI, calledImplementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions.


Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO exam details

Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO, or Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions, is an exam that is associated with the Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification. The test is also currently part of the requirements forthe following credentials: Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Enterprise Automation & Programmability and Cisco CertifiedDevNet Professional. It is a 90-minute exam that is designed to measurethe candidates’ knowledge of implementing enterprise automated solutions, including Python programming, programming concepts, automation tools, controllers, and APIs.


Cisco 300-435ENAUTO exam topics

The CCNP Enterprise exams in the Technology Concentration series are not the easy ones to pass. When considering any of them, thorough preparation is very necessary. For the Cisco 300-435 test, the preparation process should start by knowing all the exam objectives. We have highlighted for you the main topics on which this certification test is based. They are the general guidelines,especially for the content that the examiners are most likely to include in Cisco 300-435.

  1. Network Programmability Foundation – 10%

This is one of the topic areas in this certification exam. Approximately 10% of the total marks in the Cisco 300-435 test come from this objective. This domain covers an array of topic areas with the main ones being utilization of control operations particularly with git (clone, push, diff, commit, add); description of characteristics of API styles (RPC and REST); describing how Python virtual environments can be beneficial; interpreting Python scripts that contain data types, conditions, classes, functions, and looping; describing the patterns used and the challenge encountered when consuming APIs asynchronously and synchronously.

  1. Automate Protocols and APIs– 10%

This topic area has the same prominence as the first one, with about 10% of the total marks in the exam coming from this objective. There are five main highlights of this particular topic. The first one is aJSON instance definition based on the YANG model. Others include identifying the XML instance, comparing functionality, uses, and benefits of RESTCONE and NETCONF, comparing functionality, uses, and benefits of IETF, OpenConfig, and interpreting the YANG model tree that is generated per RFC8340.

  1. Network Device Programmability – 20%

This is one more important topic area in the Cisco 300-435 exam. The knowledge domain has been given more prominence as compared to the first two objectives. Precisely, almost 20% of the total marks in the test come from this topic. The major highlights include implementing device management and use NetMiko for monitoring; describing Day 0 provisioning methods; describing the usage and benefits of telemetry data in network troubleshooting; configuring devices using RESTCONF API employing Python requests library; comparison of subscription and publication telemetry models;iPXE, ZTP, and PnP.

  1. Cisco DNA Center – 20%

Cisco DNA Center is another topic area that has been given prominence in the Cisco 300-435 exam with about 20% of the total marks coming from this knowledge domain. This objective covers a wide range of concepts. The questions measurethe candidates’ ability to compare software-defined and traditional networks; implement CiscoDNA Center occurrence outbound webhooks; describe the capabilities and features of it; implement API requests for this Center to undertake network management tasks and use Intent APIs to troubleshoot the Cisco Data Center automation process. Other subjects include Intent APIs, Template APIs, Site APIs, Command Runner APIs, events, and notifications.

  1. Cisco SD-WAN – 20%

This is another major topic area in this exam. The questions evaluateone’s knowledge of Cisco SD-WAN and have 20% of the total marks in this certification test, as you can see. This subject deals with various skill areas, including description of capabilities and features of Cisco SD-WAN vManagecertificate management; construction of API requests for real-time and for other Cisco vManagemonitoring APIs; implementation of a Python script.

  1. Cisco Meraki – 20%

In this area, the questions measurethe individual’s knowledge of using Cisco Meraki APIs to create a network, WebHook Alert APIs, and External Captive Portal APIs, implementing a Python script for Cisco MerakiWebHooks, and describing the capabilities and features of Cisco Meraki.


Final Thoughts

Even though the Cisco 300-435 exam has not yet gone live, the students who are interested in this test and want to get the CCNP Enterprise certification should start studying for it as early as possible. Despite the fact that this is a new exam, Exam-Labsis doing everything possible to ensure that all the study materials are available for the candidates. On this platform, you will find video tutorials, practice tests, braindumps, and other useful preparation tools to nail this exam with ease. The official Cisco website also offers various training resources to help you prepare for Cisco 300-435. Define your learning style and choose the best tools that will assist you in exploring all the exam objectives. Good luck!



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