How to Crack IAS in just two months?

This question is asked by many aspirants but most of them don’t get a satisfactory answer. Well, it is possible to prepare IAS in two month time with effective strategy. The aspirant needs to be extremely focused and well determined to pass the exam. In this article I will give you certain tips which will help the aspirants to fulfill their dreams.

The exam is really tough and so is the preparation. The ideal preparation time is one year but in case you already have some good knowledge of the subjects then with proper guidance and strategic planning, you can crack this toughest exam in India.

1. Know your syllabus and exam

Before exam preparation, you must know the exam pattern. There are three stages of the exam which are prelims, mains and personal Interview. For the prelims there are two written papers each of 20 marks. Both the papers are qualifying in nature.  After knowing the exam, it is very important to know the syllabus. Download the syllabus from the official website and learn it by heart. Mark the areas which you don’t know and start working over it.

2. Collect the study material

Collect all the study material such as NCERT books. If you cannot buy the books then download them online. There are various websites available over internet which will help you download the study material needed for IAS preparation. Just spend one day in study material collection. Make sure that from now onwards there are no holidays and no Sundays.

3. Practice Previous Year Question paper

It is very important to solve the previous year question paper as it will help to know the pattern and mode of study. As you have a very few time left in your exam, solving previous year paper is very handy as it will let you know how to study and do a smart work.

4. Proper Time – Management

You need to make proper time table and follow it die heartedly. Study at least 10-12 hours a day with 10 minutes break after two hours. Divide your syllabus properly and keep ample space for revision. There are many students who prefer to study at night and not in the morning. But I would recommend that you should start preparing in the day time. The reason is very simple which is that the exam is conducted in the day time. Moreover if you clear the exam then also your duty is again of the day time. So, avoid your night cycles and start your day time.

5. Give mock tests regularly

Mock test will help you in a better preparation of IAS exam. These will help you in work over your speed and accuracy. Mock test will help you to know your weaker areas and improve on them. Give at least 2-3 mocks each day in your final month.

6. Know your current affairs

Read newspaper regularly ad listen to news and debates over television. Many students don’t lay stress over this part. Most of the questions in the exam are related to the current affairs and the latest developments happening across the nation and international world. Try reading year book and Yojna magazine.  You need to be comfortable with Government Schemes and Policies, Conferences and Summits, Recent Scientific Developments, Climate Updates and all the aspects of the current affairs. 

7. Don’t skip NCERTs

Try to complete all the NCERT books in the first two weeks. We recommend you to buy GIST books from any online portal which will help you in speedier preparation of your exam.  No need to waste time on making the notes, you can download the notes available over the internet.

One more thing, just follow one standard book and don’t opt for many as this will lead to more confusion. Following one book will ensure that you are learning the concepts very accurately. Only in case you are not able to understand the concept, refer to another book. But the best way to clear the concept is to watch an online tutorial.

8. Stay motivated

You cannot crack the exam without a strong will power and determination. Though, the success rate is low but still by playing and preparing smart you can crack the exam in just two months. It may happen that you may feel de-motivated sometimes then you can watch online motivational lectures online or read inspirational stories. This will help you to stay in good mood and motivated.

Dedicate first two weeks in preparing for NCERT and then dedicate next two weeks in studying standard books. After four weeks, start giving the mocks and start revising.  Revision and practice is the key to success in this civil services exam.

All these tips will help you to clear the exam in flying colors. Best of Luck!




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