How to crack SBI PO 2016 Expert Advise

How to crack SBI PO 2016? – Expert Advise

Dear Aspirants 

As you all know SBI PO Exam is on the door step, so as last minute preparation tips we are providing you Expert Advise by Piscine Molitor SBI PO 2015. This will surely help you with your preparation.


Hope all of you would be preparing hard for SBI PO

Exams comes and go, we share tips which you people follow. Some pass and Some fail. However, never had it occurred to me to share with you the actual recipe to clear banking exams. This article underscores this recipe.

It’s a strategy prepared for people like us, who are joining the competition pool and preparing from the scratch.

Let’s put our focus on the upcoming SBI PO Exam.

There are three things that’s required to crack a Banking exam:

  1. Time
  2. Patience
  3. Willingness

That’s all.

So, let’s start the preparations! But, before going any further, let’s first understand the current trend in which the banking exams are held.

SBI conducts this written exam in two phases. Phase 1 is Pre and Phase 2 is Mains.

There are mainly three subjects you have to put your focus on for SBI PO 2016.

  1. English
  2. Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Aptitude

Assuming you are preparing from day 1, here we are presenting to you the strategies to master these three subjects without much burden.

1. English

Grab your copy pen and write this line in bold on the first page:

“I will not prepare English the dreary way.”

For this subject, three things are required:

  1. Material
  2. Focus
  3. Time


What constitutes the material? The ugly looking English books like, “30 days to learn grammar” or “The essentials of English”?

No, no, that’s not. Material is something else.

I once conversed with a topper. He told me, the best way to learn a new language is through people. And the best way to do that is travel. So, if you want to learn Marathi, travel to Maharashtra and you would learn. And if you want to learn English, travel to USA or UK and you would learn. This is the best way. The alternative is books.

And that constitutes the material. If you are reading/listening to anything in English, then that thing becomes the material. This articles, the new man booker book, the love stories you read online and like everything becomes the material. The bottom line is: just read and read.

Well, of course you have to read the proper things or you will ruin your career. The proper list of reading materials are:

  1. Newspaper (The Hindu)
  2. Novels (not of Durjoy Dutta, Ravinder Singh or Nikita Singh, etc)
  3. Blogs (especially editorials)

Well, you have to read newspapers anyway for your General Awareness section. So, make it a habit of reading any newspaper (or news website), putting your focus upon:

  1. The front page.
  2. The World page.
  3. The Business Page.

40-60 minutes and you’ll cover these three pages. Write the meaning of the words in your notebook.

(Trust me, in the beginning, you’ll be writing 20-30 word meanings. But after 15-20 days, you will be writing meaning of only 2-3-words.)

Of novels, devote your time reading the good novels only, like, Pulitzer prize novels, Booker awardee novels,Classical, Award winning, Novels turned movies and the likes. Understand their way of writing, their proper choice of words, and the themes, and the emotions they put in those words.

2. Reasoning

Well, this section requires practice of basic concepts. Governmentadda have written some nice decent articles covering all the topics SBI asks from this section. So,

  1. Go through those articles.
  2. Put focus upon the basic understanding of those concepts.
  3. Discuss with your friends if you don’t understand a point.
  4. Take a test. Solve.

You have to know in what areas you have difficulty understanding the concepts. So, after reviewing, go through those articles again, revise, discuss, practice, take test, and review again.Practice and Review is must. If you don’t practice, you will not learn. If you don’t review, you will not understand.

Repeat – Reasoning comes with reason. So, be prepared to reason everything you come across.

3. Quantitative Aptitude

Always I loved puzzle books. I read a lot since childhood. And when I came across the questions from this section the very first time, it felt like, “Ohh! Another puzzle.”

Seriously, quant section is nothing but puzzles to test your presence.

For proper understanding of Quant basics the easy and entertaining way, you have to follow a strategy of:

  1. Solving puzzles
  2. Understanding the basics
  3. Avoid the tricks

You all know SBI asks for which topics. So, first, prepare a table point all the topics you have to cover.

  1. Then go through the basics of each topic.
  2. Understand properly all the concepts.
  3. Revise
  4. Take test. Solve

I followed Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K. Verma for this. So, you can also follow this book. It’s a very good book to cover all the basics in one go.

Like reasoning section, this section as well requires a lot of practice. So, be ready to fill your notebooks with equations and solutions.

Solve puzzles also from the puzzle books. I love “Puzzles to Puzzle you” by Shakuntala Devi. So, you can buy this book. This way you’ll develop a taste of solving questions the interesting way.

Follow this strategy bearing in mind this exam:

  1. Concentrate upon the quality and not the quantity.
  2. Review must your progress.
  3. Be patient. Take things easy.
  4. Many websites offers free mock tests. I follow Governmentadda mocks. You also try those.
  5. If you prefer paid mocks, then buy from any website. All are much the same. But, keep on practicing.
  6. Take part in discussions.
  7. Enjoy your preparation.

All the best!!

Hello friends,  many of you might have read my success story here and for those who have not read it,  I would like to introduce myself.  I am Ekta, PO in SBI.  It feels proud to introduce myself like this. I know each of us here wants to be introduced in the same manner.  The first thing which you need for success is believe in yourself which will motivate you to work hard. 

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As we all know SBI has once again came with huge number of vacancies and hopes for the aspirants. So lets gear up and get ready for the exam. We have very less time left for the exam so prepare accordingly.

Few of us might be appearing for the SBI exam for first time.  So I want to share the pattern of last year Sbi prelims exam with you all.  Prelims exams had 3 sections and time allotted was one hour
1) English – 30 questions – Easy
2) Quants – 30 questions –  Moderate
3) Reasoning – 30 questions – Moderate

Quants was time taking so its basically pick and choose. Attempt the easy questions first and come to the lengthy one only if time permits.

My advice to you all at this point of time is practice as many sets as possible online or offline but within the time limits. Some of you might be doing the same but just practising won’t be of much help till you analyse your mistakes and work upon it because we learn from our mistakes only.  Each one of us have some strong and weak points.

So if you are weak in one section then just try to score the qualifying marks in that section and target more marks in your stronger section. Try to keep these points in mind and follow the same strategy while practising sets which you have planned for actual exam. In this way you won’t panic and will be able to clear the exam smoothly.

In addition to this, keep practising the quizzes posted here. It will help you build confidence in yourself and know where you stand.

All the best friends!! Hope to see you all in SBI

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