GK broadly is divided into two categories General Awareness and Banking knowledge. The first step to preparation for GK is the awareness of what must be studied and what must be ignored in the last month.

Extensive Preparation of GK at the last minute might lead you to be perplexed. So you need focused and efficient preparation that doesn’t waste your time and at the same time gives you maximum returns on the effort you put in.


Below are some tricks to prepare for GK in one month

The is no set of formulae that can be memorized in GK to clear the sectional cut-off. What we can guide you with is what to prepare and how.

1. Refer to previous years’ papers

If you have not been studying GK over past few months and have lots to prepare, then it’s wise to go with previous year papers. Though we have already shared a list of important topics for General Awareness but this will give you a fair idea about how the questions are asked.

Check out the trend of the questions that have been asked and prepare on similar lines. Suppose if they have frequently asked questions on History of Banking Industry, there is a probability that the same will be repeated or questions related to Banking history may be asked.

2. Prepare frequently asked questions

Check out the nature of questions that are being repeated every year and specifically prepare for them. For example; in one of the papers questions were asked about revisions in repo rate, reverse repo rate, world peace day, anti – cancer day and other commemorating days. Prepare a list from internet or mark in your books and mug them up.

3. Focus on preparation in accordance with the nature of Examination

All the competitive exams have different pattern and are not the same, especially when it comes to the some common topic including GK. For IBPS PO you need to focus on Banking and Economics news. For civil services you need to prepare events of national and international importance, geography, polity, etc. So preparation for both will be different.

When you have just 1 month left to prepare GK, you can afford to prepare everything. By staying focused, your chances of getting selected are quite high. So prepare in accordance with the nature of examination.

4. Follow a good news channel

The news channels broadcasts important national and International news and the news channels are active 24×7.Pick up a suitable time out of the whole day and watch news for at least half an hour. Listen to headlines and business news very carefully and may be make a note of important news in your copy.

Follow quality news channels and not those which devote their prime time to gossip. You can glance through the same just before the examination. For preparation of GK in 1 month for IBPS PO, read or listen to banking industry related news carefully.

5. Register yourself through Online Quizzes

Make a habit to participate in online Quizzes and then at the next step evaluate yourself. Doing so will not only boost your confidence but also give you an idea of where you stand. Participating in Quizzes is synonymous to appearing in examination where in both the cases you are evaluated at the end. This is a great technique to prepare GK for IBPS-PO in 1 month.

6. Prepare Online for GK

Make relevant efforts to take part in forums that are discussing Current affairs, topics of national importance, etc. Stay active online by following websites of all leading channels. They will keep discussing recent but relatively old news which ideally can’t be done through newspapers or news channels.

For latest news, you must have already downloaded news Mobile Apps. They can be very helpful if you just keep reading their notifications published multiple times a day. Whatever news you find interesting or relevant to the exam, you can read in detail.

7. Read Magazines/Periodicals

There are various magazines available in the market that are exclusively meant for GK and current affairs. You can go through Manorma, Competition Success Review, India Today or Pratiyogita Darpan etc. to enhance your knowledge in GK.

8. Take Online Mock tests

Take Mock tests to strengthen your preparation and to check your level of preparation. Besides reading and grasping from different sources it is very important to take online mock tests. Try the ones based on actual exam pattern. Join a good/genuine test series which presents questions strictly on the IBPS-PO exam pattern in a time bound environment and in the format of MCQs.

9. Prepare your Strong areas first

You need to select your strong areas first and prepare for them very thoroughly. You need to prioritize the preparation of G.K. as per your strengths. You could be interested in business, technology, economics, etc. You need to prepare your favorite areas to the maximum level. This will definitely help you in securing good marks.

A must read tip; important from IBPS and SBI PO and Clerk exam point of View:

We save best for the end! Get a good monthly magazine and read it from at least April (not the whole magazines but few pages 8-10 which are of worth.)

  • Read economic survey, union budget and railway budget.
  • Google the important schemes of NDA govt. like PMJDY, BBBP, SAGY, PDUSJY, etc.
  • Prepare Countries, their capitals and currencies
  • Cabinet Ministers
  • National movie awards
  • Asian games
  • Full forms of important organizations
  • Full forms of banking terms and so on

While preparing GK, just don’t go overboard. Accept the fact that it is not possible to answer all the questions right. Although it’s crucial to get most of the questions correct for which one needs to predict what is likely to come and make preparations accordingly.

Answering GK questions takes almost no time if you are sure of the answer. All this saved time can be diverted to other sections which are more time consuming.



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