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General Awareness is the most important section for all the examinations. With the expanded competition in the field of Banking examinations, it has now turned out to be vital to conceal every one of the segments for the examinations. One area that can help you packing effortless checks in these examinations is General Awareness that covers various areas in it like Banking Awareness, Static GK, and Current Affairs. If we look at the questions that have been asked in these exams in the previous couple of years in General Awareness segment then we find that the greatest number of questions depended on the occasions that had occurred in the current past (3-4 Months) regardless of whether it’s keeping money, static or GK. Thus, understudies, it ends up imperative for all of you to cover the pickup lines of Current issues as well as the related data that is vital from the purpose of examination.

Format of General Awareness Section

In the Main examination GA Portion is termed as → General / Banking/ Economic Awareness.


                       Important Topics For General / Banking/ Economic Awareness.

  1. ⇒ RBI in News
  2. ⇒ Banks In News ( Private / Public / International / small banks )
  3. ⇒ App / Scheme Launched by  bank’s
  4. ⇒ India GDP prediction by different organization.
  5. ⇒ 1st in India / world
  6. ⇒ State wise news
  7. ⇒ Cabinet Approval
  8. ⇒ Center / state recent Bill
  9. ⇒ Center / state  Scheme
  10. ⇒ Power plant Established
  11. ⇒ Bans effected in different states
  12. ⇒ campaign and festival
  13. ⇒Railway in news
  14. ⇒Stamps and coins
  15. ⇒ committee in news
  16. ⇒ MOU’s by different organization/ state/ countries
  17. ⇒ National / International news.
  18. ⇒ summit and conference
  19. ⇒ Foreign visit
  20. ⇒ India rank in various indes
  21. ⇒ Award
  22. ⇒ Appointments
  23. ⇒Acquisition and merger
  24. ⇒ Science and technology related news
  25. ⇒ Defense news , Defense Exercises between two countries
  26. ⇒ Sports news
  27. ⇒ Grand prix winner / Cyclone, earth quack/ Book and author / Helpline number launched.
  28. ⇒ Organization and their Reports


General / Banking/ Economic Awareness Analysis of IBPS PO MAINS 2017


Important tips to prepare for General Awareness

  • Read newspaper daily to improve your GA.
  • Start writing CA in Single lines.
  • Make a gist of country/ person / Organization That are in news for static awareness .
  • Practice with Daily quizzes .
  • Don’t mug up the important dates. Try to associate the date with some issue to remember.


Important Topics For  Banking/ Economic Awareness

  1. ⇒Monetary Policy of RBI
  2. ⇒Open Market Operations (OMO)
  3. ⇒Market Stabilization Scheme (MSS)
  4. ⇒NEFT, RTGS, ECS-Credit, ECS-Debit
  5. ⇒Financial Inclusion
  6. ⇒Banking Business Correspondents (BC)
  7. ⇒Self Help Group (SHG), Joint Liability Group (JLG)
  8. ⇒Money Laundering, PMLA
  9. ⇒Issuance of Currency/ Clean Note Policy/ Soiled and Mutilated Notes
  10. ⇒Repo, MSF, Bank rate, Reverse Repo
  11. ⇒Call-Notice-Term Money, Certificate of Deposits, Commercial Papers, ICD, Treasury Bills, Cash Management Bills, Dated Securities, Gilt-edged Securities
  12. ⇒Negotiable Instruments, NIA Act 1881
  13. ⇒Negotiable Instruments – Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Cheques
  14. ⇒Types of Cheques, Crossing of Cheques, Cheque Truncation System (CTS)
  15. ⇒Demand Drafts (DD), DD vs. Cheques
  16. ⇒Foreign Exchange (Forex) / FERA and FEMA Acts
  18. ⇒NRI Accounts – NRE, NRO, FCNR(B), NOSTRO, VOSTRO, LORO Accounts
  19. ⇒Line of Credit, Letter of Credit
  20. ⇒Banking Ombudsman
  21. ⇒Depository Receipts – ADR, GDR
  22. ⇒Recession and Subprime Lending
  23. ⇒Interest Rate Swap (IRS)
  24. ⇒Cash Credit (CC) and Overdraft (OD)
  25. ⇒Bill Discounting
  26. ⇒Non Performing Assets (NPA)
  27. ⇒SARFAESI Act
  28. ⇒Priority Sector Lending (PSL)
  29. ⇒Pledge, Hypothecation, Mortgage, Lien


                                                                      Important Static GK Topics

⇒Important Days (Along with Themes)
⇒International Organizations -it’s HQ & Heads
⇒Census 2011
⇒National Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
⇒Important Dams and Rivers
⇒Important Stadiums and Grounds
⇒Indian Rivers and Cities
⇒Important Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks
⇒Research Centers in India
⇒List of Banks CMDs-HQ-Taglines
⇒Small Finance Banks – Heads and Hqs
⇒Airports and Seaports
⇒Important Temples
⇒Important Classical, Folks and Tribal Dances
⇒Cabinet Ministers and their Constituencies
⇒Important Boundary Lines
⇒International Food Festivals
⇒Important Cities and their Nick names
⇒Important Stock Exchanges
⇒Important Sports & Trophies
⇒Awards and Related Fields
⇒Important Palaces, Museums and its locations
⇒List of Lakes
⇒Denomination of bank notes, new notes


Newspaper To Prefer

  1. ⇒ The Hindu
  2. ⇒The Times of India
  3. ⇒Business Line
  4. ⇒Business Standard
  5. ⇒The Telegraph


 Questions asked in IBPS PO Mains 2017

1. Sivalingam Sathish Kumar and R.V. Rahul are related to which sports?

2. Paolo Gentiloni who visited India for two days is Prime Minister of which country?

3. One question related to the denitionof ‘letter of credit’.

4. Bandhan Bank Limited, which is an Indian banking and nancial services company, deals prominently in which type of loans?

5. What does ‘A’ in SEAC stand for?

6. Where is Panna National Park located?

7. In which state is the headquarters of City Union Bank located?

8.What does ‘V’ stand for in LTV?

9. Dudhawa Dam is built across which river in Chhatisgarh?

10  Which organisation publishes the World Economic Outlook (WEO) report?


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