How To Solve Cloze Test Tips and Tricks

How To Solve Cloze Test Tips and Tricks

In Cloze passages the candidate is given a text passage with some words removed. The candidate has to replace the missing words from the options given to solve the question correctly. A Cloze test consists of a text passage with some certain word removed (cloze text). Its a mixture comprehension and fill in the blanks type of questions, since you of  are provided with a passage with certain words missing from it. To solve cloze test correctly, you are expected to have a strong command over the language and grammar, along with good vocabulary.

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Checkout the example:

Failure is probably one of the ______ discouraging moments in our lives. Failure ______ not, however, break our spirit. Instead, we should use the ______ learnt from our defeat to spur us ______ to greater achievements.

The correct answers in the above scenario would be ‘most’ for the first blank , ‘should’ for the second, ‘lessons’ and ‘on’ for the fourth blank.


1. The first step to solve a cloze passage is to read it slowly without filling up the blanks. This enables you to develop an idea about the topic. Slowly read the passage two to three times until you figure out what the text is about.

2. After knowing the theme of the passage, complete the blanks you are 100% sure of. Remember only complete those blanks in which you are certain that you know the correct answer.
3. Just like a comprehensive package, cloze test contains a passage with sentences that are logically connected to each other. Be cautious to not commit the naive mistake of treating each sentence individually and filling the blanks one by one. Instead think of logical connections that link up the sentences together.

Cloze Test Grammar Tips

4. To find out the missing words in the remaining gaps, find out which among the following part of speech will fill in the gap: articles, nouns , pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, adjectives, conjunctions or verbs. Some sentences may have the following combinations:

a  preposition following a noun, adjective or verb. (Example: good at languages)

prepositional phrase. (Example: in spite of )

an adverb. ( Example: He moved to Mumbai two years ago )

connector. (Example: First, he arrived; then he sat down; finally, he left.)

conjunction. (Example: Although he is seven, he can speak eight languages)

auxiliary verb . (Example: He has won 2 contests)

an article or some other kind of determiner. (Example: I have no time)

a pronoun , either subject or object. (Example : it is easier to know)

comparative or superlative involved? (Example: she’s taller than me)

Cloze Test Fast Solving Tips

5. There are many blanks which have multiple correct options. The correct way to solve is to first mark options of this kind and then try fitting them in the blank one by one. Then using the one which fit perfectly. Use words that fit appropriately with the given sentence as well as with the content of the complete passage.

6. It may happen sometime that you are unable to decide between two words. In such cases, use that word from options which is used frequently with words around the blank. For example- Can we have a  ____ chat?
A. swift
B. quick
C. prompt
All the three options are synonyms of each other. it may be difficult to do you decide which one is the correct answer?

In English language, some words are used more frequently as a combination. The words ‘quick’ and ‘chat’ are used together frequently rather than swift chat or prompt chat . Therefore ‘quick’ is your answer.

7. Each passage is written in a certain tone: humour, serious, narrative and so on. Identify the tone and pick the words accordingly.  If the tone is funny/humorous try and use words which evoke fun and vice versa.

8. Read as many sentences as you can to improve your language. When you read more, you tend to have a better idea of which words goes with the other words.

Try the above tips and tricks on the following Cloze test questions. Remember to tell us how many answers you got correct and did the above tips and tricks on cloze passage helped you understand and solve the problem easily.

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