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Total Number Of Questions(Objective Type)=155 Questions

Total Marks Allotted for Objective Type=200 Marks

Time Allotted=3 Hours

Descriptive Type:

Number of Questions=2 Questions

Marks Allotted = 25 Marks


GK Questions Asked in IBPS PO Mains 2017 :: 26th November

Questions were mostly asked from Current Affairs & Banking Awareness and were doable. Some of the Questions asked were:

  • Full Form of SWIFT.
  • Full form of AMRUT
  • Maximum Deposit allowed in IPPB Savings Account
  • Fugli is the dance form of which state?
  • Question-based on WEO Survey
  • Who is the writer of India 2017 Yearbook?
  • Question-based on G7 Summit 2018
  • Question-based on Commonwealth Games 2018
  • Question-based on function of RBI
  • Which body introduced Kisan Vikas Patra?
  • Question related to Panna National Park
  • Winner of FIFA U-17
  • Full form of LTV
  • Bandhan bank provides loan under which major loan segment?
  • M.V. Sridhar is related to which field?
  • 12th November is observed as which day?


IBPS PO Mains 2017-18 Exam ANALYSIS (OVER-ALL):

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude 16-19
English Language 12-14
Data Analysis and Interpretation 19-21
General Economy and Banking Awareness 24-28
TOTAL 74-78
Data Analysis and Interpretation ( Moderate-Difficult )
This section had 35 questions for 60 marks with a time limit of 45 minutes.  The inequality questions were based on “Quantity 1 and Quantity 2 Pattern and among the set of 5 questions of inequality 2 questions were based on diagrams. There were 3 sets of DI with 4 questions in each of the set. Following were the types of DI:
  • Tabular (Missing) +Bar
  • Tabular
  • Caselet
The questions were:
Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation Analysis – Topics Asked
S.No Topics No. of Questions asked
1 Missing Numbers 5
2 DI 15
3 Case Study 5
4 Miscellaneous 5
5 Data Sufficiency 5
Total 35
English Language (Difficult)

This section had 35 questions for 40 marks with a time limit of 40 minutes. There were many new introductions in new pattern questions in English Section of this exam. The cloze test questions asked were of a totally new pattern, where there were two possible answers against a blank.There were new types of connector questions asked in this exam, where 2 words were given and five sentences and students had to identify the combination of sentences that can be connected using the given two connecting words. Error Detection questions also came with a twist, as in a sentence there was a part marked in bold which was grammatically correct and the student had to identify the erroneous part in the rest of the sentence.

With such a difficulty level it is best to stay calm and first invest time in reading the directions properly. There were 2 reading comprehensions with 5 questions in each set.

English Language – Topics Asked
S.No Topics No. of Questions Asked
1 Reading Comprehension 10
2 Cloze Test 10
3 Fillers 5
4 Sentence Replacement 5
5 Choose the Meaning (Antonyms / Synonyms ) based 5
Total 35

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude  (Difficult)
The level of reasoning was very Difficult.  There were NO Questions asked from Computer Aptitude. This year in IBPS PO Mains Exam there were around 10 questions of logical reasoning which includes course of action, cause and effect, conclusion and inference. 1-2 small para puzzles were also there, however, these had less matter to read and deduct from they were really tricky when compared to a lengthy one. Following were the types of puzzles asked:
  • Linear (North-South) 2 Variable
  • Small-Para Puzzles
  • Circular (with uncertain information as the number of people in the seating arrangement was not given e.g. more than 10 people are sitting on a circular table)
  • Figure Based Puzzle
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude – Topics Asked in IBPS PO MAINS EXAM 2017
S.No Topics No. of Questions Asked
1 Line Arrangement 5
2 Circular Arrangement 5
3 Puzzle 5
4 Linear Arrangement based Puzzle 5
5 Coding AND Decoding 5
6 Coded Inequalities 5
7 Miscellaneous 10
8 Statements and Arguments 5
Total 45
General Economy and Banking Awareness (Moderate)
The level of this question was Moderate when compared to the rest of the exam. There were around 3 questions from Budget and 3-4 questions from static awareness. Rest was Current Affairs and Banking Awareness where number of questions from Banking awareness was more than current affairs.

Descriptive Writing Test
English Language (Letter & Essay Writing) for 25 marks, time limit 30 minutes.

(a) Letter Writing

  • You have been observing that your subordinates are not working properly. Write a letter to the HR department about the same.
  • You have lost your Credit Card. Write a letter to the bank Manager, requesting him/her to block your card and issue a new one.
  • Write a letter to your friend, to start his own startup (Informal Letter)

(b) Essay Topics

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Cashless Payment Modes.
  • Is use of Technology & Gadgets making people incompetent?




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