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IBPS Po Memory Based Questions (Prelims) 2017:  7th Oct- Shift 3

Dear Aspirants,

After 3rd shift of IBPS PO Prelims 2017, now it’s time for the Memory Based Paper Question Papers and their Solutions. 
After the exam analysis, many students are eagerly waiting for Memory Based Question Paper and their solutions and as we promised here, we provide you The Memory Based Question Paper of IBPS PO Prelims 2017 with Solutions.
This Memory based Paper can be really helpful for students who have their exams scheduled at upcoming shifts. Do practice this to know the level and type of questions asked in IBPS PO Pre 2017 Exam.



IBPS PO Questions Asked – English

  1. Error Detection – A sentence was divided into 5 different parts (a,b,c,d,e) and options included combination of parts (eg- bcd, ace etc). You have to identify that option which do not contain any error.

IBPS PO Questions Asked – Reasoning

  1. Puzzle – based on ordering & ranking of 8 Box.
  2. Scheduling Puzzle – 8 students having exam on different months (March, July, Sep, Nov) & dates.
  3. Linear Arrangement – 8 people sitting in a single row facing to north.
  4. A person start walking at point A and walk 14 m south then he take right turn walk 8m & reaches to point B. Again he take right turn & walk 3m. Finally he take a right turn and walk 21 m to reach to point C.

IBPS PO Questions Asked – Quant

  1. Data Interpretation –
    i) Bar Graph – Number of products sold by two companies A and B in month Jan to May.
    ii) Tabular DI – Number of students participate in Olympiad from classes IX to XII. The % of male students participated in Olympiad & number of students do not participate in Olympiad.


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