IBPS PO Memory Based Questions (Prelims) 2017:  8th Oct- Shift 3

Dear Aspirants,

After 3rd shift of IBPS PO Prelims 2017, now it’s time for the Memory Based Paper Question Papers and their Solutions. 
After the exam analysis, many students are eagerly waiting for Memory Based Question Paper and their solutions and as we promised here, we provide you The Memory Based Question Paper of IBPS PO Prelims 2017 with Solutions.

IBPS Po Prelims Exam Analysis 2017: 8th Oct – Shift 3


Section-Wise IBPS PO Questions Asked 8th October 2017 – (Shift 3)


IBPS PO Questions Asked – English

Q1) Reading Comprehension – Based on “Digitalisation of Education Sector in Worldwide”

Q2) Synonyms – Hypnotically


IBPS PO Questions Asked – Reasoning

Q1) Scheduling Puzzle – 8 Persons having their birthday in two different dates i.e 15th, 24th of the months May, April, November, December.

Q2) Floor Puzzle – 8 persons lives in 8 different floor. They also have different birds with them.

Q3) Linear Seating Arrangement- 15 People sitting in a line a single row & all of them are facing towards north.

Q4) Circular Seating Arrangement – 8 Persons sitting around a circular table. Some of them facing toward center & some outside.

Q5) Alphabet Test – The word was YOURSELF.



  • Consider the word “YOURSELF”, arrange the vowels in alphabetical order from left to right and then consonant letters in alphabetical order from left to right. Now, take the next alphabet for each letter in the changed arrangement. Which letter comes fourth from the right from the last letter.


  • B is son of A. C is the father of A. C is married to S. T is the only daughter of C and mother of F then how is A related to F?


  • Akshaya starts from Point A towards west after walked 16m, she takes a right turn walked 14m then takes a right turn walked 18m and finally takes a left turn walked 16m to reach point B. Kavin starts from Point C and walked 30m towards north to reach Point C and takes a left turn walked 16m to reach Point B then what is the direction of Point C with respect to Point A?


  • Eight persons F, G, H, I, J, K, L and M attend seminar on four different months January, April, November and december of the same year. Seminar was conducted on either 15 th or 25 th of the month. G attends the seminar 15 th of the month which has only 30 days. M and J attends the seminar on the same month before G, but not in April. M attends the seminar after J. No one attends the seminar after F. Only one person attends the seminar between M and K. Both H and L attend the seminar on the 15 th of different month. L does not attend the seminar on December. L and I attend the seminar on the same month.


IBPS PO Questions Asked – Quant

Q1) Data Interpretation – Two sets

  1. Tabular Graph – Percentage of people working in 4 different department. The Qs were based on ratio, sum, percentage, average etc. This DI was easy.
  2. Pie Chart – This DI was bit calculative & time taking.



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