Best Study Plan For IBPS PO 2020 Preparation : How to Crack IBPS PO 2020 Exam ?

IBPS Probationary Officer (PO) Study Plan 2020

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So the candidates who are going to attend the Exam can look at How to Crack IBPS PO Exam 2020 in First Attempt. Hope this article will help you at the time of your Exam Preparation. Hence read this IBPS PO Preparation plan and start your Exam Preparation as early as possible.

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Dear Students, as the notification of IBPS PO 2020 is already out and the registrations too have started for the same. And you all must have already started to prepare yourself for the Examination. The preliminary examination is going to be held in October, it’s high time to put the pedal to the metal, batten down the hatches and get yourself ready for IBPS PO Examination. You still have much of time, a total of 60+ days to prepare for the preliminary & Mains examination. Follow the plan being provided by Governmentadda, you will definitely be holding all the aces and would do great at IBPS PO Examination.

Strict Study Plan is a must

  • Aspirants are bound to give a certain amount of time to a particular topic or subject when his preparations are revolving around a plan.
  • The topics are like milestones to be crossed to them.
  • Once you are done with a particular topic, you are kind of excited for the next one.
  • Also, when there is a plan, there is a deadline too to wind up certain topics within a certain period of time.
  • Regular studies reduce the level of stress, as the number of topics to be done does not accumulate into blizzards, hence provide the aspirant with a better physical and mental health.


Read newspapers

  • So much is happening every day that unless you keep yourself abreast of these changes you cannot adjust yourself to them or tackle the GA section of IBPS Clerk exam 2020 smoothly and easily.
  • To save your precious time, we provide you with an alternative that is our “Daily GK Update”that contains only the news that is important from the point of view of IBPS PO Examination.
  • Apart from the GA Section, an excellent knowledge of current news also helps you deal with the GDPI.
  • Your vocabulary and English skills can also be improved if you maintain reading newspapers on a regular basis.

Put what you learn into practice

  • Practicing with Test Series helps you ace the original tests/examinations.
  • Computer based Test Series for IBPS PO also help you save your time as they simulate the real tests and let you know you how to attempt the questions in a way that you are able to attempt the maximum number of questions within the stipulated time.
  • It also gives you an All India Rank so as you can assess where you stand and how much more you need to work.
  • Many test series comprise of a range of questions that equate the level of frequently asked questions, previous year questions, and new pattern questions for IBPS Prelims as well as Mains Examination.

Reasoning Ability

Reasoning Ability is going to be a difficult section as reasoning section of banking exams has always been difficult as compared to other examinations. The pattern is getting complex day by day and most of the topics of this section are now being asked in the form of puzzles only. The only way to ace the scores in the section is strenuous practice. Here is the IBPS PO Syllabus for Reasoning Ability Section.

Reasoning Ability

  • Puzzles
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Direction Sense
  • Blood Relation
  • Syllogism
  • Order and Ranking
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Machine Input-Output
  • Inequalities
  • Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Series
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Logical Reasoning (Passage Inference, Statement and Assumption, Conclusion, Argument)

Quantitative Aptitude | Data Analysis & Interpretation

The level of every other section has only turned more complex and convoluted, there is no doubt that this section too will be making your blood run cold. If we talk about previous years examinations, this section consumes a lot of time so what one needs to do is an efficient time management that can only be achieved through practice. Data Interpretation and topics from arithmetic section make it hard for one to deal with the section as easily as any other section. Practice continuously, it will pay big time. Here is the IBPS PO Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude Section.

  • Data Interpretation (Bar Graph, Line Chart, Tabular, Caselet, Radar/Web, Pie Chart)
  • Inequalities (Quadratic Equations)
  • Number Series
  • Approximation and Simplification
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Miscellaneous Arithmetic Problems (HCF and LCM, Profit and Loss, SI & CI, Problem on Ages, Work and Time, Speed Distance and Time, Probability, Mensuration, Permutation and Combination, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership, Problems on Boats and Stream, Problems on Trains, Mixture and Allegation, Pipes and Cisterns)

English Language

This topic can be easy as pie if your basics are clear. Sometimes, even those who can communicate very well in English, fail to perform to the best of their ability in competitive exams. A habit of reading an English Newspaper can actually do a good turn because it helps to build up a strong vocabulary, effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills. Rest depends on how hard you practice. Here is the complete IBPS PO English Syllabus for English Section.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Test
  • Fillers
  • Sentence Errors
  • Vocabulary based questions
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Jumbled Paragraph
  • Paragraph Based Questions (Paragraph Fillers, Paragraph Conclusion, Paragraph /Sentences Restatement)

General Awareness 

The questions asked in IBPS PO General Awareness Section are usually based on Banking Awareness, Static Awareness, and Current Affairs. This year we observed a change in the pattern of GA Section of banking examinations as well. Most of the questions are now being asked from Banking Awareness so this section too is going to be very challenging. Batten down the hatches!

  • Banking and Insurance Awareness
  • Financial Awareness
  • Govt. Schemes and Policies
  • Current Affairs
  • Static Awareness
DaysQuantReasoningEnglishDaily One Mini MockG.K
1SimplificationBlood RelationJumbled Paragraph(Odd one out)Mock Test PracticeBasic Banking
& Concepts
2Quadratic EquationPuzzle and Seating ArrangementFillers-New patternMock Test PracticeBanking
3ApproximationInequalitiesSelect Appropriate Word (four/five sentence)Mock Test Practice
4ApproximationInequalitiesSelect Appropriate Word (four/five sentence)Mock Test PracticeGST
5Ratio and ProportionPuzzle and Seating ArrangementCloze TestMock Test Practice
6PercentageOrder, Raking and DirectionVocabulary New patternMock Test PracticeCabinet
7PercentageOrder, Raking and DirectionVocabulary New patternMock Test PracticeStatic
(Public Banks
& headquarters)
8AverageCoding-Decoding (New Pattern)Connectors word/phraseMock Test PracticeBanking
9AverageCoding-Decoding (New Pattern)Connectors word/phraseMock Test PracticeCapital
10Time, work and wagesData Flow DiagramParagraph concluding QuestionMock Test PracticeIPO, FPOVostro Account,
Loro Account
11Pipes and CisternsAlpha Numeric Symbol SequenceAnalogies (word pair relationship)Mock Test Practice
12Time and DistanceSyllogism (New Pattern)Jumbled word-odd man outMock Test Practice
13Time and DistanceSyllogism (New Pattern)Jumbled word-odd man outMock Test Practice
14Boats and StreamsPuzzle and Seating ArrangementQuestions on Writing Styles (Most concise manner)Mock Test PracticeCheques
Ante Dated,
Post Dated,
Stale Cheque),
15Boats and StreamsPuzzle and Seating ArrangementQuestions on Writing Styles (Most concise manner)Mock Test PracticeNational
16Profit and LossMachine Input-OutputIdioms/phrasesMock Test PracticeWorld Bank & its
& recently
with world
17Profit and LossMachine Input-OutputIdioms/phrasesMock Test PracticeIndian currency
(new notes, their
properties &
18Simple InterestBlood RelationSelect grammatically correct sentenceMock Test PracticeGovernment
Policies &
19Simple InterestPuzzle and Seating ArrangementSelect grammatically correct sentenceMock Test Practice5 years plans,
20Compound InterestPuzzle and Seating ArrangementSentence ImprovementsMock Test Practice Money Supply
(M0, M1, M2,
M3, M4)
21Compound InterestData SufficiencySentence ImprovementsMock Test PracticeFixed
Deposit & Term
22Simple and Compound InterestData SufficiencyFind the best restates sentenceMock Test Practice Clean
note Policy,
Coin Currency
23Simple and Compound InterestLogical ReasoningFind the best restates sentenceMock Test Practice Indexes
24Problems on agesLogical ReasoningFind the ODD sentenceMock Test PracticeBlue
Bull & Bear
25Problems on agesInequalitiesFind the ODD sentenceMock Test PracticeBRICKS,
ADB Bank,
SCO, Interpol
26DI: TabularInequalitiesFind the most logical ComplementMock Test PracticeRBI & Its
27DI: TabularPuzzle and Seating ArrangementFind the most logical ComplementMock Test PracticeCurrent &
28DI: Pi chartLogical ReasoningPhrase/Word ReplacementMock Test PracticeMonetary
29DI: Pi chartData Flow DiagramPhrase/Word ReplacementMock Test PracticeCooperative
Apex Bank
30DI: MissingPuzzle and Seating ArrangementParagraph CompletionMock Test PracticeSIDBI,
31DI: MissingPuzzle and Seating ArrangementParagraph CompletionMock Test PracticeIndian
32DI: Line GraphOrder, Raking and DirectionReading ComprehensionMock Test PracticeDams
33DI: Line GraphData SufficiencyReading ComprehensionMock Test PracticePower
34Number SeriesAlpha Numeric Symbol SequenceWord usage-1 (One common Word fill in the four sentence)Mock Test PracticeWildlife
35Number SeriesLogical ReasoningWord usage-1 (One common Word fill in the four sentence)Mock Test PracticeBanking
36DI: Bar GraphCoding-Decoding (New Pattern)Word Usage-2 find the incorrect usage of the wordMock Test PracticeFinancial
37DI: Bar GraphLogical ReasoningJumbled Paragraph (Odd one out)Mock Test PracticeShares,
38PercentagePuzzle and Seating ArrangementJumbled Paragraph (Odd one out)Mock Test PracticeJunk Bond,
39PercentagePuzzle and Seating ArrangementFillers-New patternMock Test PracticeSWIFT,
Treasury Bills,
40SimplificationData SufficiencyFillers-New patternMock Test PracticeCertificate of
P Notes
41SimplificationSyllogism (New Pattern)Error DetectionMock Test PracticeATM, NEFT,
42Quadratic EquationOrder, Raking and DirectionError DetectionMock Test Practice Debit & Credit
Cards, UPI
43Quadratic EquationPuzzle and Seating ArrangementSelect Appropriate Word (four/five sentence)Mock Test PracticeIMF,
Bretton Woods
44ApproximationPuzzle and Seating ArrangementSelect Appropriate Word (four/five sentence)Mock Test PracticeCommittees &
45ApproximationOrder, Raking and DirectionCloze TestMock Test Practice IFSC Code,
46Number SeriesData Flow DiagramCloze TestMock Test Practice IMPS,
47Number SeriesLogical ReasoningReading ComprehensionMock Test Practice Insurance
48DI: Line GraphPuzzle and Seating ArrangementReading ComprehensionMock Test Practice Stadiums
49DI: TabularPuzzle and Seating ArrangementReading ComprehensionMock Test Practice National
50DI: Bar GraphAlpha Numeric Symbol SequenceVocabulary New patternMock Test Practice NPA &
51DI: Pi chartBlood RelationWord usage-1 (One common Word fill in the four sentence)Mock Test Practice RRB Act
52DI: MissingOrder, Raking and DirectionWord Usage-2 find the incorrect usage of the wordMock Test Practice 
53Time, work and wagesRevision of the weekAppropriate/Inappropriate word (single sentence)Mock Test Practice 
54Pipes and CisternsLogical ReasoningJumbled Paragraph (Odd one out)Mock Test Practice 
55PercentageMachine Input-OutputFillers-New patternMock Test Practice 
56AveragePuzzle and Seating ArrangementError DetectionMock Test Practice 
57Problem on AgesSyllogism (New Pattern)Select Appropriate Word (four/five sentence)Mock Test Practice 
58Alligation and MixturesPuzzle and Seating ArrangementParagraph-fillersMock Test Practice 
59Ratio and ProportionData SufficiencyFillers-New patternMock Test Practice 
60Mock Test PracticeMock Test PracticeMock Test PracticeMock Test Practice 
 Mock Test PracticeMock Test PracticeMock Test PracticeMock Test Practice 
 Mock Test PracticeMock Test PracticeMock Test PracticeMock Test Practice 

Prepare Well


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