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The UPSC Civil Services are coming up for the year 2018. The prelims exam is done, yet there are still some confusions regarding some aspects of the exams. For example, with the various number of subjects, it is easy to forget the various topics that a candidate may be tested on in the prelims and the main exams. Besides clearing the prelims and the main exam, there is still the main interview that needs to be cleared.

Simultaneously, there are other different factors and points that need to be considered, such as the comprehensive knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge that can be included in the mains exam. Clearing these exams will lead to the selection of candidates for government positions such as IAS, IPS and IFS officers. Some of the main topics that candidates who would be writing their civil services exams should focus on so that they achieve the best marks possible are given below.

The important points to know about the civil service exams are:

  • GS and CSAT Paper: The two main papers that need to be cleared in the prelims exam are the GS and the CSAT exams. These need to be cleared and the best way to clear these exams would be through enough practice and model papers. These exams are designed for future IAS and other government job profiles.
  • Essay writing proficiency: Another aspect of clearing the civil services exam is to have proficiency in writing the essay for the mains exam. A person who is proficient in writing the essay will be graded higher marks in their exams.
  • Interview Training: The final aspect of clearing the UPSC exam is the interview,that candidates need to clear to become selected as IAS officers. A candidate must be proficient in current affairs and should be level headed enough to be confident in clearing the interviews.

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