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Directions(1-15): A sentence or a part of the sentence is bold. Four alternatives are given as substitutions for the highlighted part, one of which will improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, choose the option “No improvement required”.

1)The government will soon launch the electoral bonds scheme to fund political parties as proposed in this year’s Budget, Union Finance, Defence and Corporate Affairs Minister Arun Jaitley said on Sunday.
a) Would quick
b) Will fastly
c) Would swift
d) Will soonly
e) No improvement is required

2)Forty-two years after Sholay and Gabbar Singh etch them into cinematic history on the rocky terrain of Ramanagaram.
a) Etched themselves
b) Etched himself
c) Etched them
d) Etching themselves
e) No improvement is required

3)The boy was a student of Class IX and the girl is reporting to be around 18 years old.
a) were reported
b) Was reporting
c) Reporting
d) Is reported
e) No improvement is required

4)A teenager has died while his girl friend survived when the couple attempted suicide at G. Rautaput village under Dashmantpur block in Koraput district of Odisha.
a) Was died
b) Was dying
c) Has been died
d) Had been died
e) No improvement is required

5) A city based company has claimed to have launch the first bio-gas fuelled bus in Kolkata keeping a flat fare of just ₹1.
a) to have launched
b) to has launched
c) To have been launched
d) To have been launching
e) No improvement is required

6) Speaking in Varanasi, State’s Agriculture Minister Surya Pratap Shahi said a proposal has been preparing for loan waiver of farmers
a) Had been preparing
b) Was preparing
c) Will be preparing
d) Has been prepared
e) No improvement is required

7) The Governor said loan waiver undermined a honest credit culture.
a) undermine a
b) undermining an
c) Undermine with
d) Undermined an
e) No improvement is required

8)Farmers have largely welcome the UP government’s decision to waive farm loans worth ₹36,000 crore.
a) has largely welcomed
b) have large welcomed
c) had large welcomed
d) have largely welcomed
e) No improvement is required

9) The Shiromani Akali Dal has accused the Amarinder Singh government in indulging in vendetta politics and claimed that any action against its workers will be vehemently opposed by the party.
a) at indulging in
b) of indulging in
c) of indulging on
d) on indulging in
e) No improvement is required

10)Delhi-based freelance journalist Aparna Kalra is battled for life after she was brutally attacked at a park in North West.
a) is battling
b) Has battling
c) had battling
d) Will battle
e) No improvement is required

11) Over 200 Ram Navami processions were taken across West Bengal under the banner of Rama Navami Udjapan Samity.
a) was taken out
b) were take out
c) were taken out
d) were taking out
e) No improvement is required

12) Two persons were killed and another injured when the motorcycle they were riding collide with a bus.
a) ride collided
b) riding collided
c) rode collided
d) ridded collided
e) No improvement is required

13)The Enforcement Directorate has provisional attach properties worth ₹1.18 crore of land record officials.
a) has provisional attached
b) has provisionally attached
c) have provisionally attached
d) have provisional attached
e) No improvement is required

14) The land was meant for the allotment of persons displaced on developing the Mahajan Field Firing Range.
a) displaced for developing
b) displaced for developed
c) displaced on developed
d) displaced for development
e) No improvement is required

15)The teenager was reported attacked by the gang around 11 p.m. near the Neelimangalam Rajarajeswari Temple.
a) was reportedly attack
b) were reportedly attacked
c) was reportedly attacked
d) was reportedly attacking
e) No improvement is required




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