Directions (1-10)—In these
questions, a part of the sentence is given
in bold. Below are given alternatives to
the bold part at 1, 2 and 3 which may
improve the sentence. Choose the correct
alternative. In case no improvement is
needed your answer is (4).
(SSC Section Officer (Audit) Exam. 1997)

1. On one occasion he persuaded me
to accompany him on a shooting
expedition he was planning.
(1) has planned
(2) had planned
(3) planned
(4) No improvement

2. We have no less than a thousand
students in our College.
(1) not less
(2) no less
(3) no fewer
(4) No improvement

3. When she regained consciousness
she was stretched in the
ditch out, soaked to the skin.
(1) out in the ditch stretched
(2) on the ditch outstretched
(3) outstretched in the ditch
(4) No improvement

4. Too little is known by this time
about possible side-effects of the
(1) presently
(2) in the end
(3) before hand
(4) No improvement

5. If you want to save money you
must get rid of shopping.
(1) cut down on
(2) get on with
(3) put up with
(4) No improvement

6. The loud and incessant chatter
worries your father who is trying
to concentrate.
(1) aggravates
(2) annoys
(3) irritates
(4) No improvement

7. Not only they went to see a film,
but also had dinner out.
(1) Not only did they go
(2) They didn’t go not only
(3) They not only went
(4) No improvement

8. Birds sit on the boughs of trees in
my garden and with their sweet
notes fill the air with music.
(1) fill their sweet notes in the air
(2) by their sweet notes fill the air
(3) fill the air by their sweet notes
(4) No improvement

9. India will enter the league of major
developed nations as a space
giant within a short time.
(1) energy
(2) force
(3) power
(4) No improvement

10. Many a man would welcome the
(1) Many man
(2) A many man
(3) Many a men
(4) No improvement

Solution :-

1. (2) Past Perfect Tense (had planned) will be used.
Sentence structure is as follows :
Subject + Aux.V. + Main V. + Object
+ he had planned _____
Before we arrived at school the class had started
¯ ¯
Second action First action
Hence, had planned is the right usage.

2. (3) fewer (Det., Adj.) : not many – used for Countable
Hence, no fewer is the right usage.
less (Det., Pro.) : a smaller amount of – used for Uncountable
No less than (Idiom) : used for emphasizing a large

3. (3) outstretched (Adj.) : spread out as far as possible
stretch out (Phr. V.) : to lie down in order to relax or
Here, outstretched in the ditch is the right usage.

4. (1) presently (Adv.) : now ; currently; at the time you
are speaking
by this time : a particular allotted time
Here, presently is the right usage.

5. (1) cut down on (Phr. V.) : to reduce
get rid of (Phr. V.) : to make yourself free of something
that is annoying or that you do not want or do
not want to do
Here, cut down on is the right usage.

6. (3) irritates (Verb.) : to annoy somebody, especially
by something you continuously do or by something
that continuously happens
incessant (Adj.) : never stopping ; constant
annoys (Verb.) : to make some body slightly angry ;
Here, irritates is the right usage.

7. (1) Not only _____ but also are Correlative Conjunctions.
Sentence structure is as follows :
Not only + Aux. verb + Subject
Not only + did + they
Hence, Not only did they go is the right usage.

8. (3) The basic sentence structure is as follows :
Subject – Verb – Object
¯ ¯
fill the sweet notes
Hence, fill the air by their sweet notes is the right

9. (3) power (Noun) : strength or influence in a particular
area of activity
giant (Noun) : a very large and powerful organisation
Here, power is the right usage.

10. (4) No improvement
many a (Det., Pro.) : a large number of
used with a Singular Noun and Verb
l Many a good man has been destroyed by drink.



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