1. Fini bought an article for Rs.2700.She  spent Rs.390 on its shopping. she then sold it for Rs. 4000. What was the percent profit he gained in this transaction.
a) 40%

b) 28%

c) 29.45%

d) 30%

e)  29%


2.  Rohit purchased an item for Rs. 9600 and sold it for a loss of 5 percent. From the money, he purchased another item and sold it for a gain of 5 percent. What is her overall gain/loss ?
a) 24

b) 25

c) 27

d) 30

e) 26


3. Shruti  buys 3 dozen tomatoes for Rs. 360. She buys carry bags to take them to his shop. Only one dozen can be filled into a carry bag and cost of each carry bag is Rs.10. She then sells the tomatoes along with carry bags for a cost of 200 per dozen. What is her profit percentage.

a) 53

b) 55

c) 53.84

d) 52

e) None of the aboove


4. Rahkil buys 4 scooter at a cost of Rs 20,000 per scooter. He sells first scooter at a profit percentage of 25%. What should be his loss percentage on remaining three scooter so that his overall profit/loss on sale of all 4 scooter is nil.
a) 55000

b) 60000

c) 57000

d) 40000

e) 52000


5. Meenu sold 8 keys and makes a profit equal to the selling price of 2 keys, what is the profit percentage?
a) 20%

b) 33(1/3)%

c) 33%

d) 35%

e) 40%


6. A s person expects a gain of 25% on his cost price. If in a month, his sale was Rs.8000, what was his profit?
a) 1600

b) 1500

c) 1800

d) 2000

e) None of the above


7. A dealer buys a cooler. listed at Rs. 10000 and gets 10% and 20% successive discounts. He spends 10% of his CP on transport. At what price (in rupees) should he sell the cooler to earn a profit of 10% ?
a) 8000

b) 8172

c) 8173

d) 8200

e) 8175


8. A cloth merchant, selling at 15% profit uses a faulty measuring rod, that measures 90cm for a meter . Find his profit percent actually earned.
a) 27%

b) 28.5%

c) 27.7%

d) 30%

e) None of the above


9. Bhoomi bought 30 books and 10 pencils for Rs.600. She sold the books at a profit of 10% and pencils at a profit of 20% and made a total profit of Rs.90. Find the Cost Price per book.
a) 20

b) 30

c) 15

d) 10

e) 12


10.  Two third of a fruits were sold at a profit of 5% and the remainder at a loss of 2%. If the total profit was Rs. 400, the value of the fruit(in rupees) was :
a) 15000

b) 15600

c) 15700

d) 16000

e) None of the above




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