1. Which one of these is not a cause of poverty in India?

a)Migration of people from rural to urban India
b)Low level of economic development
)Unequal distribution of land.
d)Income inequalities

2. Which among the following schemes was started in the year 2000 for the indigent senior citizens?


3. The calorie requirement is higher in the rural areas because

a)food items are expensive
b)they are engaged in mental work
c)they do not enjoy as much as people in the urban areas
d)People are engaged in physical labour

4. Which among the following is the method to estimate the poverty line in India?

a)Investment method
b)Human method
c)Income method.
d)Capital method

5.What is not a one of the major cause of income inequality in India?

a)Increase in population.
b)Lack of fertile land
c)Unequal distribution of land
d)Gap between rich and poor

6. Which scheme was started in 1993 to create self-employment opportunities for educated unemployed youth in rural areas and small towns?

a)Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana
b)National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
c)Rural Employment Generation Programme
d)Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana.

7. The Concept of ‘entitlements’ was introduced by:

a)Amartya Sen
b)Manmohan Singh
c)Pranab Mukharjee
d)Sonia Gandhi.

8. Which of the following is not a major reason for the lack of effectiveness of targeted anti-poverty programmes?

a)Lack of proper implementation
b)Lack of right targeting
c)Overlapping of schemes
d)All the above.

9.Who conducts the periodical sample survey for estimating the poverty line in India?

a)National Survery Organisation
b)National Sample Survey Organisation
c)Sample Survey Organisation
d)None of the above

10. In which year was N R E G A enacted?




1)Migration of people from rural to urban India


3)People are engaged in physical labour

4)Income method.

5)Lack of fertile land

6)Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana

7)Amartya Sen

8)All the above.

9)National Sample Survey Organisation

10) 2005



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