Q.1) The World Bank releases the estimates of GDP growth rate for its member nations every year through its report. What is the name of the report?

[a] Ease of Doing Business Report

[b] World Investment Report

[c] World Economic Outlook Report

[d] Global Economic Prospects Report

[e] None of the above


Q.2) Which of the following arguments make us realize the fact that GDP alone cannot symbolize the development of a country?

1. The distribution of Income among the people of a country cannot be analysed by the GDP numbers.

2. Many activities in an economy are not evaluated in monetary terms

. 3. The externalities are not taken into account while computing the GDP.

4. The GDP numbers does not give us any indication regarding the overall Social Development of a country.

[a] 2, 3, 4

[b] 1, 3, 4

[c] 1, 2, 4

[d] 2 and 3

[e] 1, 2, 3, 4


Q.3) To calculate GDP at Market Prices, which of the following should not be added?

[a] Product Tax

[b] Production Tax

[c] Product Subsidy

[d] None of the above is added

[e] All the above components are added while calculating the GDP


Q.4) India has shifted to a new GDP series. The GDP was earlier calculated at __________and is now being calculated at_________?

[a] Factor Cost, Market Price

[b] Market Price, Factor Cost

[c] Basic Price, Factor cost

d] Basic Price, Market Price

[e] Current Price, Constant Price


Q.5) In India, which of the following agencies is responsible for calculating the National Income?

[a] The Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance

[b] Ministry of Commerce and Industry

[c] The Reserve Bank of India

[d] Central Statistical Organization (CSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

[e] The State Bank of India


Q.6) The Human Development Report which is released by the UNDP, the United Nations global development network is headquartered in?

[a] Washington DC, USA

[b] Berlin, Germany

[c] New York City, USA

[d] Montreal, Canada

[e] Rome, Italy


Q.7) The standard of living dimension in the calculation of the MPI is based on how many indicators?

[a] Four

[b] Six

[c] Ten

[d] Two

[e] Five


Q.8) The IMF is headquartered in?

[a] New York, USA

[b] Washington DC, USA

[c] Geneva, Switzerland

[d] Vienna, Austria

[e] Paris, France


Q.9) When was the Gender Inequality Index (GII) introduced?

[a] 2010

[b] 2011

[c] 2013

[d] 2014

[e] None of the above


Q.10) When was the Human Development Report first published?

[a] 2012

[b] 2010

[c] 1990

[d] 1992

[e] 1996



1)[d] Global Economic Prospects Report

2)e] 1, 2, 3, 4

3)[c] Product Subsidy

4)[a] Factor Cost, Market Price

5)[d] Central Statistical Organization (CSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

6)[c] New York City, USA

7)[b] Six

8)[b] Washington DC, USA

9)[a] 2010

10)[c] 1990



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