MoHFW has launched the ‘National Viral Hepatitis Control Program’, with the goal of ending viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030 in the country. The aim of the initiative is to reduce morbidity and mortality due to viral hepatitis. The key strategies include preventive and promotive interventions with focus on awareness generation, safe injection practices and socio-cultural practices, sanitation and hygiene, safe drinking water supply, infection control and immunization; co-ordination and collaboration with different Ministries and departments; increasing access to testing and management of viral hepatitis; promoting diagnosis and providing treatment support for patients of hepatitis B &C through standardized testing and management protocols with focus on treatment of hepatitis B and C; building capacities at national, state, district levels and sub-district level up to Primary Health Centres (PHC) and health and wellness centres such that the program can be scaled up till the lowest level of the healthcare facility in a phased manner


  •  To establish laboratory network for laboratory based surveillance of viral hepatitis in different geographical locations of India.
  •  To ascertain the prevalence of different types of viral hepatitis in different zones of the country.
  •  To provide laboratory support for outbreak investigation of hepatitis through established network of laboratories.
  •  To develop technical material for generating awareness among healthcare providers and in the community about waterborne and blood borne hepatitis.



  • Establishment of laboratory based surveillance for viral hepatitis in the country for collection of data. Development of testing and surveillance guidelines and its dissemination.
  • A network of laboratories with quality testing for hepatitis markers will be established covering the entire country
  • Training of manpower/health care providers in 10 regional labs including NCDC i.e. the reference lab.
  • Development of IEC for providers and community.
  • Establishment of baseline  data  for hepatitis to see the impact 


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