Phrasal Verbs Part 6


What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb alone.

  • Today’s verb: Give
  • Today’s phrasal verbs: Give in, give out, give up, give way

Phrasal Verbs Made Easy PDF Capsule 6 – Give


Do you know in Old English the word ‘give’ was not present? They used ‘giefan’ (past tense: geaf, past participle: giefen) meaning to give, bestow, entrust, deliver to another, grant, commit and devote.

In Middle English, it became ‘yiven’ and later, ‘give’.

Give In


  1. To stop fighting, admit defeat.
  2. To agree to do something that you do not want to do.

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Memory tip: Give in means “yield”
‘Yield’ means surrender and in old days, kings would
send gifts to show that they do not want to fight.

Usage: The hijackers were forced to give in.


Give Out


  1. To give something to a lot of people.
  2. To come to an end.

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Memory tip: Misers think giving out will lead to ‘give out’;
wise men know giving out begets giving out.

Usage: 1. The clerk gave out the identity cards.
2. Food supplies gave out in the refugee camp.


Give Up


To stop trying to do something.


Memory tip: You say, “It’s up to you”, when you
give up an argument.

Usage: He doesn’t give up easily.


Give Way


  1. To stop resisting somebody/something.
  2. To break or fall down.

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Memory tip: Always give way to the ambulance
or a family will give way

Usage: 1. The building collapsed as the pillars gave way.
2. He gave way when the kid was about to show
yet another tantrum.


Give Over


A phrase used to tell somebody to stop doing something.

Memory tip: Give and ‘it’s over’

Usage: Give over fighting!

We hope you find Phrasal Verbs Made Easy PDF Capsule 6, helpful.

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