Phrasal Verbs Part 8

What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb alone.

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  • Today’s verb: Look
  • Today’s phrasal verbs: Look down on, look up, look up to, look through, look into

Phrasal Verbs Made Easy PDF Capsule 8

Look down on

Hindi translation: नाचीज समझना     

Meaning: To consider someone or something as not important.

Memory Tip: Poor people are included in the lowest
strata – down.

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Use in Sentence: Mr. Darcy looked down on Miss. Elizabeth
when they first met.


Look up

Hindi translation: नज़र फेंकना   


  1. To try to find a particular piece of information by
    looking in a book or on a list, or by using
    a computer.
  2. To become better.
  3. To visit someone where they live.

Memory Tip: Look up when things become better or safe.

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Use in Sentence: I looked up for his contact number in
the directory.


Look up to

Hindi translation: आदर करना

Meaning: To admire and respect someone.

Memory Tip:  Bacche badon ki or dekhte hain kyun
ki unke liye wahi role models hote hain.

Use in Sentence: All the students look up to the new teacher.


Look through

Hindi translation: तेजी से पढ़ना

Meaning: To read something quickly, especially to find the
information you need.

Memory Tip: Remember Mr. Chiti scanning books
at the saloon?

Use in Sentence: He looked through the diaries to find a hint.


Look into

Hindi translationजांच पड़ताल करना

Meaning: To investigate, to acquire facts especially
about a crime.

Memory Tip: Policemen look inside (into) the car
while searching.

Related image

Use in Sentence: He assured me that he would look into
my complaint.

We hope you find Phrasal Verbs Made Easy PDF Capsule 8, helpful.

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