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Directions (1 to 10): For each of the following sentences four alternatives are given. You are required to choose the correct meaning of the idioms given in bold sentences.

Q1. Except for you and I, everyone brought a present to the party.
(a)With the exception of you and I everyone brought
(b)Except for you and I, everyone had brought
(c)Except for you and me, everyone brought
(d)Exception of you and me, everyone had brought
(e)No change required

Q2. Had I realized how close I was to falling, I would not have gone to the party.
(a)If I would have realized
(b)Had I realize how close
(c)When I realized how close
(d)If I realized close
(e)No change required

Q3. If he was to decide to go to college,I for one, would recommend that he go to Yale University.
(a)If he were to decide to go to college
(b)Had he decided to go to college
(c)In the event that he decides to go to college
(d)Supposing he was to decide to go to college
(e)No change required

Q4. Being as I am a realist,I could not accept his statement that super natural beings has caused the disturbance.
(a)That I am a realist
(b)Being a realist
(c)Being that I am a realist
(d)Realist that I am
(e)No change required

Q5. Although he is able to, make political enemies with this decision, the Prime Minister does hot mind doing it for the sake of public welfare. .
(a)liable from
(b)of a mind to
(c)acknowledging his liability to
(d)liable to
(e)No change required

Q6. Because of his efficiency, the Director wanted him to work as his assistant.
(a) Wanted to him
(b) wants him to be
(c) wanted he to
(d)wanted of him
(e)No correction required

Q7. Highly intelligent people seldom tolerate any ambiguity.
(a)tolerate hardly any ambiguity
(b)hardly tolerate ambiguous
(c)tolerate any clarity what so ever
(d) hardly tolerate any lacuna
(e) No correction required

Q8. Being tolled for two hours, he sat down to take some rest.
(a)Have tolled for
(b) Had tolled for
(c) Having to be tolled at
(d)Having tolled for
(e)No correction required

Q9. He must have behaved Impolite and suffer because of that.
(a) impolitely and suffer
(b)impolitely and suffered
(c)impolite and suffered
(d)impolitely and have suffer
(e)No correction required

Q10. The Neo Club has been extended financial technical help to poor and deserving women. .
(a)has been extending
(b)have been extending
(c)is being extended
(d)have been extended
(e)No correction required



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