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Magnetism is a physical phenomenon, a highly diversified discipline that’s closely associated with magnets and magnetic fields, which are triggered from the motion of electric charges. A pointed piece of mineral called magnetite turns north-south when placed on the surface of water or supported in air. As such, magnetite is still the most remarkable manifestation of magnetism in solids. The magnet’s ability to attract certain materials like a remote control has fascinated countless spirits since the beginning and interestingly, it still fascinates us. Because of magnetism, a magnet attracts other magnets or sticks to your refrigerators or other metals with strong magnetic properties. In simple terms, magnetism is a force or a property that can cause two objects to attract or repel each other due to the motion of electric charges.


Magnetism and electricity are the two fundamental aspects of electromagnetism – it is the branch of physics that deals with the study of electromagnetic force and deals with electricity and magnetism and the interaction between them. It is the phenomenon that describes the interaction between electric fields and magnetic fields. There are two kinds of forces in electromagnetism – the ones associated with stationary electric charges and those associated with charges in motion. The phenomenon of electromagnetism is better described by saying that there are two kinds of electric charges and that like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract each other. The charge carried by the proton is called positive charge, and the charge carried by the electron us called negative charge.

Difference Between Electromagnet and Magnetism

Electromagnet Magnetism
The magnetic properties are displayed when current is passed through it Magnetic properties exist when the material is magnetized
The strength is adjusted depending upon the amount of flow of current The strength depends upon the nature of the material used in its creation
Removal of magnetic properties is temporary Once magnetic properties is lost, it becomes useless
It requires a continuous supply of electricity to maintain its magnetic field. It doesn’t require a continuous supply of electricity to maintain its magnetic field
It is usually made of soft materials It is usually made of hard materials
The poles of this kind of magnet can be altered with the flow of current The poles of this kind of magnet cannot be changed.


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