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Uniform Motion

In Physics, uniform motion is described as the motion, wherein the velocity (i.e. speed and direction) of the body travelling in a straight line remains constant. When the distance travelled by a moving object, is same at various time intervals, irrespective of the time length, the motion is said to be uniform motion.

uniform motionWith the graph given above, it is indicated that there is a displacement of 10 meters in every minute, as there a constant velocity with respect to time.


  • Movement of hands of a watch.
  • Rotation and revolution of the earth.
  • Movement of blades of a ceiling fan.


Non-uniform Motion

Non-uniform motion is used to mean the movement in which the object does not cover same distances in equal time intervals, irrespective of the length of the time intervals. Each time when the velocity of the moving object changes by a different rate, in at same time interval, the motion of the body is perceived as non-uniform motion. In practical life, most of the motions around us are non-uniform motion.

non-uniform motionThe graph given above explains that the rate of displacement of the object differs in every minute, as the velocity increases or decreases with respect to time.


  • Oscillation of pendulum.
  • The motion of a train.
  • A racer is running in a race.
  • A person jogging in a park.


Meaning Uniform motion implies the movement of a body along a straight line with steady speed. Non-uniform motion alludes to the movement of an object along a straight line with variable speed.
Distance Covers equal distances in equal time interval. Covers unequal distances in equal time interval.
Average speed Is similar to actual speed of the object. Is different from actual speed of the object.
Graph Distance-time graph shows a straight line Distance-time graph shows a curved line
Rectilinear motion Zero acceleration Non-zero acceleration


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