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Time Management is one of the most important factors that pops up in a student’s mind while attempting any exam. But with the introduction of sectional timings, this has been wiped out to some extent. From now onwards, each section will have individual time allotted, thereby reducing the burden from the students’ mind regarding how to divide time for each section in the exam.  It also means that one cannot switch between sections as per his or her convenience in the exam and need to complete the section on screen in the stipulated time.

Advantage of the introduction of sectional timings in IBPS PO:

Changes are always good as it prepares you for the upcoming challenges and the current scenario. So, inculcating the individual timings will ease the things and will also prove to be beneficial for the candidates in a several ways as discussed below:

  • Now, the candidates don’t have to waste their time unnecessarily on deciding the time which they need to devote to each section.
  • Rather than assigning time for each section, now one can allot time for each question and that will help in preparing better for the IBPS PO exam.
  • Aspirants will be well versed with the number of seconds to be allotted to each question (as sectional time is pre – decided) which will help them in solving maximum number of questions.
  • One doesn’t have to worry about the running of time as IBPS is taking care of it.
  • As each section gets equal time, so equal number of questions can be attempted in each section, thereby increasing the overall score.
  • Now one can treat each section as an individual paper and try scoring the maximum in that particular set.
  • Now a candidate can revisit the questions of the same section that are marked for review and thus can attempt maximum questions in continuity.
  • One can concentrate at one section at a time thus reducing the burden of the other sections or the left-over questions.
  • It may prove to be a boon for those who are bad at time management.
  • One can solve the questions with accuracy as he/she need not have to worry about the running time.
  • The sections like GK and English, which need less time can be attempted with 100% accuracy, thus raising the overall score of the examination.
  • It would be beneficial for those who are appearing for the first time as now they are starting fresh and so can adapt to the given circumstances.


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Disadvantages of the introduction of sectional timings in IBPS PO:

Changes are not always welcomed as it usually becomes difficult to face the upcoming challenges and to meet the requirements. So, incorporating the sectional timings will complicate the old pattern and will be more demanding for most of the candidates in a several ways as discussed below:

  • If you are good at a particular section say English and you are done with that section before the allotted time, then you cannot move on to another section until the time allotted is over.
  • Difficulty level of GK and English might get increased as each section can now be visited thoroughly.
  • One cannot switch to the section of his/her choice. So, there is no point of saving time for other sections.
  • You cannot re – attempt or re – visit the section after the allotted time.
  • Now, students can solve more questions in sections like GK, English, etc. so there is a chance that the sectional cutoff might increase thereby increasing the overall cutoff and it can be a tough competition for the average and weak students.
  • Few might find the sectional timings as wastage of time as they take less time to solve few sections.
  • Some of the students might have to start the exam with their weakest section first since the sequence of the sections will be pre-decided. This might decrease the confidence level of the candidates if they are not able to attempt sufficient questions in the very first section of the exam and this in turn might affect the overall performance level of the candidate.
  • Overall competition might increase thereby decreasing the chances of selection.
  • It will be a complete set back for those who have been preparing from many years, as, now they have to adhere to a completely new pattern and change their strategy. For them, it will be like a fresh start.

Thus, the implementation of sectional timing in the IBPS PO exam is quite similar to a coin with 2 sides. It can be fruitful for some and at the same time it can be detrimental for others. One should always try to find the grey line between the black and white and try to see the long-term aspects of the changes and apply the same with full confidence in their learning. Learning by doing should be the one and only aim of all the aspirants.

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