Eight people—A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H stay in a building having three floors (numbered 1 to 3). They are either Accountant or Businessman or Manager. In each floor there are at least two and at most three flats. And at least two peoples are in each profession but not more than three.

B and C stay on different floors but not in floor numbered 2, and both are in same profession. H and G stay on same floor and are in same profession, but not Manager. D and E stay on different floors but not on floor numbered 1 and are in different professions but not Manager. A stays on floor numbered 2 and D does not on same floor as A. Both people staying on floor numbered 2 are Accountants. F is Manager but does not stay on floor numbered 1. From three Managers two stay on floor numbered 3. F and C stay on same floor, and there are three businessman.



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