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Each person among the ten people – Shantanu, Jai, Raghav, Dhiraj, Anurup, Farukh, Ankit, Neeraj, Mrudula and Nutan – are staying in a colony in different houses arranged in two rows which face each other. Each of the house is coloured with different colors among Maroon, Violet, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Green, White and Indigo. Each one of the houses which are in a row is exactly opposite to one house in the other row.
Jai and Dhiraj live in the same row as that of Ankit and Mrudula. Neeraj’s house is opposite to Mrudula’s house but not in the same row as that of Shantanu. Green coloured building is opposite to the White coloured building. Farukh is the only person residing in between Anurup and Nutan. Jai is residing in the Green coloured house which is at one of the ends and has Mrudula’s house to its immediate right. Yellow coloured building is in between Shantanu and Ankit’s buildings. Raghav’s house is diagonally opposite to Shantanu’s house, which is the Pink coloured building. Nutan, who is staying in the Black coloured buildings, is in between Maroon and Violet coloured buildings. Orange and Indigo coloured buildings are adjacent to each other and the Orange coloured building is not opposite to the Black coloured building.Dhiraj lives opposite to Violet building.



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